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Exam Review

Government Is a system of public rule or authority
Anarchy A lack of government rule
Theocracy Government by God's Rule
Cration Mandate The command for man to reflect the glories of the Maker across creation, back to his fellow man, and finally back to God.
Jingoism Blind, unquestioning devotion to one's country
What attributes of God were granted to man at creation? Reason, moral capacity, spiritual nature, sociability, emotion
What two founding fathers wrote in support of the belief in the depravity of man? John Adams and James Madison
What are the two basic duties of government? Reward righteousness; punish unrighteousness
House of Burgesses Was the first self governing assembly in American
What year did the Pilgrims arrive in America? 1620
Mayflower Compact The agreement among Pilgrims that established a temporary government
Fundamental Orders of Commecticut Was the first written constitution in the New World
What was the first college in America? Harvard
Who was the first governor of the Puritans in Massachusetts? John Witherspoon
Which preacher is given credit for helping to start the Great Awakening? Jonathan Edwards
Social Contract The principle that says that government is formed by the consent of the governed
Congregationalism Form of government that allows the church to elect their elders and pastors
In early Massachusetts, who were the only groups allowed to vote? Church members
What are the 3 branches of government? Legislative, Judicial, and Executive
Who is the chief executive officer for the United States?---Who serves in this position today? President; Barack Obama
Which amendment protects the rights of states? Tenth
Which branch of government interprets the laws? Judicial
Which branch of government makes the laws? Legislative
Which branch of government executes the laws? Executive
Popular government System of government that allows for public participation
Which state is the only state without a bicameral legislature? Nebraska
Who is the chief executive officer of a state? Who serves in this position for Virginia today? Governor; Tim Kaine
What is the highest court in the land? Supreme Court
Dictatorship Authoritative form of government in which the ruler or rulers have complete power over making and enforcing laws.
Who came to rule England as the result of the Glorious Revolution? William and Mary
Direct Democracy Form of government based on the idea that each citizen has an actual voice in the decision-making process.
Republic Form of government based on the idea that elected officials rule by law
What protected the nobility from the abuses of the king's power? Magna Carta
Bill of Rights The first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States
Who has the responsibility to help the disadvantaged and the downtrodden? The church
Popular Majority The majority of all citizens, or at least thoe that voted in a paticular election
What are the 5 principles of democratic government? Majority rule, equality, liberty, necessity of compromise, individual worth
Which was the last state to ratify the Articles of Confederation? Maryland
What year was the first legislative assembly organized in the New World? 1619
A trade dispute between Virginia and Maryland, as well as Shay's Rebellion, high lighted the weakness of what document? Articles of Confederation
In what city did the Constitutional Convention Meet? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Who earned the title : Father of the Constitution"? James Madison
What were the published essay that defended the Constitution called? The Federalist Papers
For what two resons did people oppose ratification of the Constitution? Too little power for the states/no Bill of Rights
Who appointed George Washington to lead the Continental Army? Second Continental Congress
What country has the oldest written constitution in effect today? United States
Which president broke the two-term precedent set by George Washington? Franklin Roosevelt
Of the thousands of amendments that have been proposed, how many have actually been ratified? 27
Federalism The division of power between national and state levels of government
Popular Sovereignty The idea that the people are the ultimate source of their governments power
Impeachment When Congress uses its power to charge the president or federal judges with misconduct while they are in office
Veto When a president rejects a bill proposed by Congress
Pocket Veto When the president does not sign a bill within ten days of receiving it and Congress adjourns within that time
Libel Defaming a person in writing
Gerrymaandering Drawing district lines to benefit one group or party over another
Franchise The right to veto
Lame Duck An official whi is still in office but who was not re-elected
Delegated Powers Are those powers given to the national government
Implied Powers Enumerated powers
Reserved Powers Powers that are generally associated with the state
Since 1913, what has provided a continuous source of money for the national government? Income tax
The New Deal Was an economic program associated with the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
What defines the limits of the authority of the national government? The delegated powers given to it by the Constitution
What is the "full faith and credit"? When each state respects the laws, offical records, and judicial rulings of the other states
Where can the "full faith and credit" by found in the Constitution? Article IV, Section 1
Extradition the legal process of returning an alleged criminal to the state in which he is charged
Which amendment established a federal income tax? Sixteen
What are the 2 exceptions to the full faith laws? Limits a state to enforcing only its own civil, not criminal, law....Does not require states to give full faith and credit in every case of divorce
Which president was responsible for starting the "spoils system" in Washington? Andrew Jackson
Which amendment limits the number of terms a president may be eleted to serve? Twenty-second
Which president warned against political parties in his farewell address? George Washington
What party has won the most presidential elections since 1952? Republican
What were those peoplpe who defected from their usual part to vote for Ronald Reagan in the 1980 and 1984 called? Reagan Democrats
Bipartisan Term used to describe a spirt of two-part cooperation
Who is responsible for the party symbols in use today? Thomas Nast
What symbol is used to represent the Republican party? Elephant
What symbol s used to represent the Democratic party? Donkey
Who became the secretary of stae under John Quincy Adams through what some called "corrupt bargain"? Henry Clay
Who was the first person to be elected to a major office by a write-in ballot? Strom Thurmond
Who won the presidency by campaigning from his home in Canton, Ohio? William McKinley
Which amendment gave voting rights to all citizens regardless of race? Fifteen
Which amendment gave voting rights to women? Nineteen
Which amendment abolished poll tax? Twenty-fourth
Which amendment gave voting rights to eighteen year olds? Twenty-sixth
Who was the first catholic president of the United States? John Kennedy
What are the five methods of nominating candidates? Petition, independent annoucement, caucus, convention and primary
Constituent A resident of a district represented by an elected offical
Coattail Effect The ability of a top ranking candidate to draw voters to choose other candidates of the same party
Incumbent An office holder who is seeking re-election
Hard Money Money that is raised for a specific candidate in the federal elections and is spent according to federal laws and restrictions
Soft Money Money that is raised apart from federal regulations and given to local, state and national party organizers to be used for party building activities
Domestic Affairs The nation's management of it's internal affairs
What label is assigned to attitudes or policy that favor the status quo? Conservative
What label is assigned to attitudes or policy that favor government intervention in national problems? Liberal
Who first introduced a "scientific" system of polling? George Gallup
What was the first national newspaper in the United States? New York Tribune
Foreign Policy The country's management of its international relationships
Which amendment guarantees freedom of speech? First
What are five factors that influence one's opinion? Family, peers, events, institutions and Christ
What is the most widely circulated newspaper today? USA Today
How many justices are on the Supreme Court today? 9
What is pork barrel politics? Spending projects that are designed to help members of Congress get re-elected
Reapportionment The process of redrawing congressional district lines to reflect poulation shifts
How many representatives are in the House of Representatives? 435
How many representatives are in the Senate? 100
How often does the Constitution require that a census be taken? Every 10 years
What are the requirements to serve in the House of Representatives? Must be at least 25;citizen for at least 7 years;resident of the state they represent
What are the requirements to serve in the Senate? Must be at least 30 years old;citizen for at least 9 years;resident in the state they represent
How long is a term in the House of Representatives? 2 year terms
How long is a term in the Senate? 6 year terms
What is the only position in the House to be named in the Constitution? Speaker of the House
Franking Privilege The privilege enabling members of Congress to send official mail free of charge
Who was the first female member of Congress Jeannette Rankin
Junkets Unnecessary trips made by members of Congress at the taxpayers' expense
Filibuster Tactic used in the Senate to prevent or delay a bill's passage; usually consists of one or more senators giving extended speeches
General Election The election used to fill elective offices; at the national level it is held on the First Tuesday after the first Monday in November
Gridlock Occurs when one branch of government purposely brings the political process to a halt
Patriotism Love and devotion to one's country and a concern for its social, political, and overriding spritual welfare
Social Contract Theory of government that states that governmentis formed by the consent of the governed
Theocracy A government ruled directly by God or religious leadership
Unalienable rights A right that cannot be given by government because its not government's to give; it is a gift of God
Who serves as Vice President? Joe Biden----Be able to recognize his picture
Who Serves Speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi--Be able to recognize her picture
Who serves as President Pro Tempore? Robert Byrd--Be able to recognize his picture
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