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final exam

Regarding breast cancer, and as with most conditions involving malignancy, "staging" (a determination oh how advanced the pathological condition has become) is common. Which of the following serves to determine Stage IV progression of breast cancer? All of the above
A sentinel node biopsy prior to, or following mastectomy is performed to? Both A. assist in diagnosis, stage and treatment determinations & C. Assess the nearest axillary nose for evidence of cancer cells
Which of the following procedures would always result in the patient receiving a permanent end colostomy? Abdominoperineal; Resection (APR), or sigmoidectomy
During intraoperative cholangiography, air bubbles in the contrast media would likely: Give the appearance of lithiasis on the x-ray image.
which of the following hand held retractors is considered most appropriate for elevating he liver during an open cholecystectomy procedure? Harrington
The low transverse abdominal incision common used for pelvic gynecological procedures or bladder access is the ___ incision? Pfannenstiel
lumpectomy, segmental resection, and axillary dissection (lymph node) are all variations of diagnostic surgical procedure related to___? Breast Cancer
The upper lateral quadrant of the breast tissue that extends to the axilla is referred to as? Tail of spence
The combined reconstructive procedures: pancreaticojejunostomy, the hepaticojejunostomy, and end- to- side gastrojejunostomy (labeled X,Y and Z on a classroom hand out) are all part of what larger procedure that usually requires several hours to complete Whipple
In a verticle, median abdominal incision the skin and subcutaneous tissue are incised in an orientation directly over the? Linea Alba
Which of the following surgical procedures involves securing the fundal portion of the stomach around the distal esophagus in order to prevent hiatal herniation and GERD? Nissen Fundopilcation
Identify the specific oblique incision described below: ____, used to access the appendix Mcburney
Which of the following are endocrine secreting glands of the pancreas that make up only 1% of the organ? islets of Langerhans
Muscles of the abdominal wall include: internal and external ____, and transverse and rectus _______? Obliques and abdominis
The inner lining of the abdominal cavity (membrane covering the inner wall),is called the ____ peritoneum. Parietal
The esophagogastric sphincter, also called the ____, closes the esophagus distally at about the level of the diaphragm to help prevent gastric reflux. Cardiac sphincter
The CBD (common bile duct) and the pancreatic ducts: _____ and _____, empty into the duodenum via an opening called the ampulla of vator? Wirsung and Santorini
The ________ is an extension of the mesentery ( fold of the peritoneum) and forms the outer layer (external surface) of the small and large intestine. Serosa
The inguinal canal contains: All of the above
What anatomical structures can e found at a point near the terminal ileum and proximal portion of the large intestine. All of the above
The acinar secretions of the _____ serve two functions: Enzymatic aid to digestion, and bicarbonate secretion to help maintain a neutral intraluminal pH. Pancreas
The greater ____ is the largest of the peritoneal folds. It is usually thin, but a major site of fat deposition in the abdomen and helps limit the spread of peritoneal infections. Omentum
Gallstones (cholycystoliths) are frequently found in hartmans pouch, an area in the neck of the gallbladder, where they may block the passage of bile through the ____. Cystic duct
Surgical procedure that involves removal of diseased distal esophagus and reconstruction of the union (communication) of esophagus and proximal stomach is called ______. Esophagogastrostomy
Great care is taken to identify and preserve the long thoracic and thoracoabdominal nerves during which of the following surgical procedures? Modified radical mastectomy
The surgical procedure that includes removal of the distal stomach and pylorus with consequent reanastamosis of remaining stomach to jejunum, and permanent closure of the proximal duodenum is called a ____. Billroth II
A feeding tube gastrostomy can be placed or created by all the following methods, EXCEPT: Endovascular
A gastroduodenostomy, also known as a ________, involves antrectomy (removal of the distal stomach and pylorus) and reanastomosis of remaining stomach to the duodenum. Billroth I
Congestion and dilation of the submucosal and subcutaneous venous plexuses that line the anal canal is called? Hemorrhoids
In a two layer, sutured closure technique of the small bowel, the text suggests that a 3-0 ____ suture (i.e Chromic) be used for mucosa to mucosa approximation and the seromuscular closure be accomplished with ____ 3-0 silk sutures. Absorbable, interrupted
A ________-anastomosis is used following partial or total gastrectomy with pancreatic resection and billary reconstruction. ROUX-EN-Y
A whipple procedure is performed as treatment of a tumor located in what specific area ? Head of Pancreas
What non sterile (high level disinfected ) instrument is used by anesthesia to distend the esophagus during nissen fundoplication? Maloney bougie
Trauma, with subsequent intraperitoneal bleeding, is the primary indication for ______. Other indications for complete removal
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