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English 4B Final 19

Final 2019

Which are values of Romanticism? nature, Imagination, Individual
In "Kubla Khan," the pleasure-dome most likely represents Blank Space __________. imaginative creation
Darcy believes he is responsible for Wickham and Lydia's elopement because Blank Space __________. he never exposed the truth about Wickham
What word best describes Mr. Darcy at the end of the novel? humbled
What word best describes Mrs. Bennet? unrestrained
In what way are Elizabeth's and Darcy's inner conflicts in the novel similar? Both must fight the hasty, mistaken judgments they have made.
What does Darcy feel when he finds out what Elizabeth has said to Lady Catherine at Longbourn? hope
In "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death," the speaker is motivated to join the war effort by Blank Space __________. a personal desire for adventure
Which of the following best describes J. Alfred Prufrock? He is a lonely, timid man living in the early 1900s.
What do night and light represent in this poem? (Do Not Go Gentle) death and life
To Eveline, Frank represents ________. escape
Under what form of government do the citizens of Oceania live? a totalitarian regime
What ever-present reminder of the Party surrounds the people of Airstrip One? Big Brother's watchful eyes
What words is Winston dismayed to find that he has repeatedly written in his diary? Down with Big Brother.
Before Winston meets Julia, how does he feel about her? He hates and fears her.
What do Winston and Julia incorrectly believe to be true as they promise to work for the Brotherhood? They believe they can speak freely, without the Party hearing them.
What does Winston find admirable about the prole woman who does her laundry outside Charrington's shop? She is strong and full of energy and song, traits that could help the proles fight the Party.
Which best describes Imperialism? Acquisition by a government of other governments or territories, or of economic or cultural power over other nations or territories, often by force.
Which quote best describes Orwell’s internal conflict in the story “Shooting an Elephant”? “All I knew was that I was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and my rage against the evil-spirited little beasts who tried to make my job impossible.”
A resume format that stresses job skills is known as a functional resume. True
Spellcheck on a word processor program is enough for perfect grammar and spelling. False
When creating a resume you should: emphasize skills and strengths.
Professional references should not include: friends
A cover letter should: be specific to each company.
A cover letter that ___________ wastes the employer's time. restates the resume
Action verbs are important in a cover letter. Which of the following is not an action verb? was bought
The type of resume that emphasizes work history, starting with the most recent position first, is known as a: chronological resume.
When submitting a cover letter and resume, it's not important that your contact information be the same. False
Adding hobbies and skills on a resume is not necessary. False
You cannot have a resume if you have no previous job experience. False
Created by: Mrs.Webb



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