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Governing Vessel Du

Du Mai

GV 1 Name, category GV 1/Du 1 Long Strong Chang Qiangnetwork point of the governing vesselmeeting point of the GV with the CV and the gallbladder and kidney channels.
GV 1 location, indications Located: midway between the tip of the coccyx and the anus, locating in the prone position. Good for back problems, impotence, uterine issues.
GV 2 name, location, indicaiton GV 2/Du 2 Lumbar Shu, Yao shuin the hiatus of the sacrum on midline of the sacro-coccygeal hiatus. Note - sacro-coc. hiatus is located in btwn the cornue of the sacrum and coccyx, in the depression inferior to the 4th sacral process. Back problems.
GV 4 Name location GV 4/Du 4 Life Gate, Ming Menbelow the pinous pross of the 2nd lumbar verebra.Note - one intervetebral space above the line connecting the highest points of the 2 iliac crests.
GV 4 Functions/Indications (1 of 4) Banks the origin and supplements the kidney- chronic lumbar pain, irregular menstruation, impotence, seminal emission, diarrhea, tinnitus, aversion to cold and fever w/o sweat; lumbar and abdominal pain, epilepsy
GV 4 Functions/Indications (2 of 4) Secures essence and stops vaginal discharge- vaginal discharge, irregular menstruation, seminal emission, diarrhea, profuse vaginal bleeding, white trubid urethral discharge, bleeding hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse
GV 4 Functions/indications (3 and 4, and note) Soothes the sinews and harmonizes the blood.Courses the channesland regulates qi.Note - good for kidney yang vacuity
GV 14 Name, location GV 14/Du 14 Great Hammer, Da ZhuiMeeting point of the GV with the six yang channels of hand and foot.Locatin - below the spoinous process of C7, approx at the level of the shoulders
GV 14 Functions and Indications (1-2 of 4) Courses exterior pathogens in the yang channels- heat disease, malaria, common cold, vexation & retching in cold damage w/fever, fever & chills;Frees the yang qi of whole body- steaming bone, tidal fever, stiffness of the neck, vacuity sweating.
GV 14 Functions and Indications (3-4) Clears the heart and quiets the spirit- epilepsyClears lung heat and regulates qi-cough, dyspnea, pulmonary distention, pain in the rib-sideNote: good for releasing heat from the yang
GV 20 - name, location, indications GV 20/Du 20 Hundred Convergences, Bai Hui, At vertex on midline, in dep. 5 cun posterior to anterior hairline and 7 cun superior to posterior hairline.Raises Yang (prolapse, diarrhea, hemorroids)Treats disorders of the brain, heart and spirit
GV 28 Name location GV 28/Du 28 Gum Intersection, Yin Jiao, at the junction of the gum and the frenulum of the upper lip.
GV governs all of the _____ channels yang. It is the Sea of Yan qi and its distribution is mainly on the yang aspect of the body.
GV provides _____ and _____ to all the organs and channels. Heat and warmth. Due Channel points can be u sed to treat disorders of all yang channels and all patterns due to either repleation or vacuity of yang qi.
GV influences the function of the ____, the ____ and the _______ organs. Brain, head, sense organs. The Du channel directly connects with the brain and spinal column and is used to treat brain, mental, emotional and nervous system disrders, as well as d/o wiht head, face, eyes, nose, mouth,lips.
GV strengthens the ________ and ______. Body constitution and enhances immunity. The Du circulates the yang qi to nourish the marrow and bones. Slow growth, congenital defects and low immunity can be treated by this channel.
The GV regulates the fuction of it's associated organs and channels which are _____ uterus, kidney, heart, brain. It also influences the function of all the other channels and organs.
The Du Network Vessel separates from the GV at ___ GV 1 Long Strong (at the tip of the coccyx)
Pathology for the Du Network Vessel: repletion - rigidity and stiffness of the spinal columvacuity - heavy sensation of the head, dizziness, vertigo
GV Pathology - when the qi of the GV is disordered there may be: pain/stiffness along the spinal column, opisthotonos, manic depression, d/o due to wind (stroke, epilepsy, convulsions, tremors, vertigo), heavy sensation of the head, qi rushing upwards, hemorrhoids, enuresis, urine retention and pain along the channel.
Created by: gail22