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Herbs IV 'Final'-2

Substances that Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

Ling Yang Jiao (Comu antelopis) Antelope horn
Gou Teng (Ramulus uncariae aka "Hook Vine") Gambir Vine
Tien Ma (Rhizoma gastrodiae aka "Heavenly Hemp") Gastrodia Rhizome
Bai Ji Li (Fructus tribuli) Caltrop fruit
Shi Jue Ming (Concha haliotidis) Conch shell
Di Long (Lumbricus aka Earth Dragon) Earthworm
Quan Xie (Buthus smartensis) Scorpion
Wu Gong (Scolopendra subspinipes) Centipede
Jiang Can (Bombyx batryticatus) Sick Stiff Silkworm
All Substances that Extinguish Wind & Stop Tremor enter (at least) this meridian. What is it? LIV
Three enter only LIV. What are they? Heavenly Hemp, Scorpion, Centipede (Tian Ma, Quan Xie, Wu Gong)
Three enter LIV and LUNG!! Besides Di Long (which enters LIV, LU, UB and SP), what are they? Caltrop fruit (Fructus tribuli) and SILKWORM! (Bombyx batryticatus)
Which one-- the only one!-- enters the KID? (LV & KID). (Remember, which is probably the SALTIEST of the bunch?) Conch shell!! (Concha haliotidis aka Abalone shell)
Okay. Which of these are salty? There are 5. Antelope horn is salty. Earth worm is salty. Conch shell is salty. Silkworm (Bombyx aka Jiang Can) and Scorpion (Quan Xie aka Buthus smartensis) are also salty! (Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes) is toxic.)
All the bugs (scorpion, centipede, silkworm) are what taste? ACRID!! (2 of them are also Salty and Neutral) For some reason centipede is not salty. And it is Warm.
Which two bugs are Acrid, Salty and Neutral? Scorpion (Quan Xie aka Buthus smartensis) and Silkworm (Jiang Can aka Bombyx batryticatus)
Which bug enters LU and LIV, not just LIV? SILKWORM!! (Bombyx batryticatus)
Which bug doesn't enter just 1 meridian? Silkworm (Bombyx batryticatus). It enters LIV and LUNG!
Which 2 are sweet? The ramulus and the rhizome. (Ramulus uncraiae and Rhizoma gastrodiae)
Which fruit is Bitter, Acrid and Warm??? And why? Caltrop fruit (Fructurs Tribuli) (Memory trick: think "Tri" from "Tribuli" as 3. Three terrible tastes: Bitter, Acrid, Warm. Since it is Acrid (in this case) it also goes to LU.
"Stone Sense Brightness" (the only one that enters KID as well as LIV) Shi Jue Ming (aka concha haliotidis)
Salty & COLD. Enters HT and LIV. Extinguishes wind, controls spasms. Calms the Liver and anchors Yang. Clears Liver & improves vision. Drains heat. Relieves toxicity. Clears damp heat. Comu antelopis Saiga-tatarici (aka Ling Yang Jao)
Extinguishes wind & alleviates pain. Is sweet & cool. Enters HT & LIV. Can drain Liver heat & pacifiy Yang. Release the exterior. Gou Teng aka Hook Vine aka Ramulus Uncariae
The 3 that are salty & COLD each have different combo of entry meridians. What are they? Antelope horn enters HT-LIV. Abalone shell enters HT-KID. Di Long (earth worm) enters HT-LU-UB-SP
Extinguish wind, calm Liver, control spasms, expel wind, alleviate pain. DISPERSE PAIN OBSTRUCTION. Is sweet & neutral. Enters LIV only. Heavenly Hemp aka Tian Ma
Extinguish wind and anchor Yang. Is ABW...!! Enters LIV and LU. Also dispels Wind-Heat, improves vision and facilitates the smooth flow o LIV !i. (Remember the BAW tri-terrible tastes..) Fructus TRIBULI (aka Bai Ji Li)
Drains fire and causes Yang to DESCEND. Is salty and COLD. Enters LIV and KIDNEY... (that's your clue btw). Also can calm Liver and anchor Yang. Improve vision. REDUCE SUPERFICIAL VISUAL OBSTRUCTION. The saltiest of the bunch? Conch shell aka concha haliotidis
Drain heat (so must be cool or cold). Calm wheezing (so must be Earthworm). Clear Liver, unblock and promote Qi in the meridians (must be SP). (must be earthworm). Drain heat and promote urination (must be UB...!!) Di Long
Relieve fire toxin. Dissipate nodules. (Which one is toxic?) Well, there are 2-- and they both go to only LIV. But one is SALTY/ACRID/NEURAL/TOXIC. The other one is ACRID/WARM/TOXIC. So which bug is not salty? Centipede (scolopendra) is not salty. And is not neutral. So the one that is toxic AND salty must be scropion (Quan Xie).
Extinquish wind, control spasms. Expel wind & stop pain. TRANSFORM PHLEGM and stop pain. Expel wind & stop itching. Enters LIV and LU. (The only other one to enter only LIV and LU is BAW-- and is a tri terrible taste fruit.). Is salty, acrid, neutral. Silkworm!! Bombyx batryticatus
The only difference between scorpion (Quan Xie) and centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes) is that one is Acrid, Warm & Toxic whereas the other is Acrid, Salty & Neutral (like silkworm but silkworm enter LU as well as LIV). Which is which? Centipede is ACRID, WARM TOXIC whereas scorpion (like silkworm) is acrid, SALTY, NEUTRAL. (And scorpion is toxic- silkworm is not).
Scolopendra Subspinipes (Wu Gong or centipede) and Buthus Martensis (Qan Xie or scorpion)) have the very same Actions & Indications. And they both enter only LIV. Only their tastes & temperatures are different. Which one is Warm? Which one Neutral? Salty? Centipede is Warm. Scorpion is Neutral. Scorpion is Salty.
Created by: mrbarr