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The Wild Robot

boot to start a computer
restrain to prevent (a person or animal) from moving by using physical force
methodical working in a very careful and organized way
survey to look at and examine all parts of something
nonessential not completely necessary; not essential
devastate to destroy much or most of something; to cause great damage or harm to something
rigorous done carefully and with a lot of attention to detail
nestle to lie comfortably close to or against someone or something
truce an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting, arguing, etc., for a certain period of time
plummet to fall suddenly
pamper to treat someone or something very well; to give someone or something a lot of attention and care
bizarre very unusual or strange
meander to walk slowly without a specific goal, purpose, or direction; to roam
tranquil quiet and peaceful
veer to change direction quickly or suddenly
spiral a circular curving line that goes around a central point while getting closer to or farther away from it
inoperative not capable of being used
loom to appear in a large, strange, or frightening form, often in a sudden way
intimidate to make someone afraid
indestructible impossible to break or destroy
devastating causing great damage or harm
keen very strong and sensitive; highly developed
expertise special skill or knowledge
debt thankful for something that someone has done for you
overtaken to move ahead of in achievement, production, score, etc.
forge to form or create through great effort
refurbish to repair and make improvements to
commence to begin
seethe to be in a state of constant activity
bombard to hit or attack constantly or repeatedly
bustle to move or go in a busy or hurried way
eternal having no beginning and no end in time; lasting forever
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