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Lung Foundations

Foundations and Meridian

What does the Lung govern Qi and Respiration
What does the Lung control Channels and blood vessels diffusing and descending of qi skin and space between skin and muscles
What does the Lung regulate all physiological activities water passages
Where does the Lung manifest body hair
Organ related to lung Nose
What does the Lung house the Corporeal soul
What affects the lung worry, grief, sadness
What do lungs govern voice
Colour of Lung White
Taste of Lung Pungent
Smell of Lung Rotten
Lung climate Dryness
Lung sound weeping
Points in lung meridian 11
Where does the lung meridian begin Middle jiao in the region of the stomach
lung meridian end radial side of the thumbnail
Lou connecting pathway from LU7 into the palm and spreads through the thenar eminence
Front Mu point LU1
Hea sea point LU5 water
Xi cleft LU6
Lou Connecting LU7
Jing River LU8 Metal
Shu Stream - yuan source LU9 Earth
Ying Spring LU10 Fire
Jing Well LU11 Wood
Lung Meridian Name Hand Tai Yin
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