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pls study will get a test on it in december

vocabanythinglist to become leader
talk chat or side bar talks dont get more than two write ups
leaders me brooklyn and i be bad and good at certain points
sites on at all time any be engineer plus watch vids
coding try to beat the system show how to do stff dont be rude and ugly as in act know how to hack
brostalk3.0 brooklyn good grades
brostalk2.0 xavier smart at coding and engineering
brostalk ashton become youtuber
subscribe piez to any group leaders witch is everyone
steals lies and get kick when you mess with the leader jazlynn wood steals lie about it and think sneaky any one cant mess with me brooklyn and i can become leader in a month by posting alot on your activaties and dont be mean to your group period p00h.
bros friends or homies post alot
Created by: brostalk3.0