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Cough & Hemoptysis

Cough and Hemoptysis Differentials

Acute Inflammation - Laryngitis: Cough & Sputum dry cough, no sputum, may become productive of variables amounts of sputum
Acute Inflammation - Laryngitis: Associated Symptoms and Setting an acute, often viral illness, with burning retrosternal discomfort
Acute Inflammation - Mycoplasma and viral pneumonias : Cough & Sputum dry hacking cough, often becoming productive of mucoid sputum
Acute Inflammation - Mycoplasma and viral pneumonias: Associated Symptoms and Setting an acute febrile illness, often with malaise, headache and possibly dyspnea
Acute Inflammation - Bacterial Pneumonia: Cough and Sputum pneumococcal: sputum mucoid or purulent; may be BLOOD STREAKED, DIFFUSELY PINKISH OR RUSTY. Klebsiella: similar; or sticky, red, and jellylike
Acute Inflammation - Bacterial Pneumonia: Associated Symptoms and Setting Typically occurs in older alcoholic men
Chronic Inflammation - Postnasal drip: Cough & Sputum chronic cough, sputum mucoid or mucopurulent
Chronic Inflammation - Postnasal drip: Associated Symptoms and Setting repeated attempts to cear the throat. postnasal discharge may be seen in posterior pharynx. associated with allergic rhinitis, with or withour sinusitis
Chronic Inflammation - Chronic Bronchitis: Cough & Sputum chronic cough; sputum mucoid to purulent, may be BLOOD STREAKED OR EVEN BLOODY
Chronic Inflammation - Chronic Bronchitis: Associated Symptoms and Setting often long history of cigarette smoking
Chronic Inflammation - Bronchiectasis: Cough & Sputum chronic cough; sputum purulent, often copious and foul-smelling; may be BLOOD STREAKED OR BLOODY
Chronic Inflammation - Bronchiectasis: Associated Symptoms and Setting recurrent bronchopulmonary infections common; sinusitus may coexist
Chronic Inflammation - Tuberculosis: Cough & Sputum cough dry or sputum that is mucoid or purulent; may be BLOOD STREAKED OR BLOODY
Chronic Inflammation - Tuberculosis: Associated Symptoms and Setting early, no symptoms. Later, anorexia, weight loss fatigue, fever and nightsweats
Chronic Inflammations - Lung Abscess: Cough & Sputum
Chronic Inflammations - Lung Abscess: Associated Symptoms and Setting
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