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What Does Lung govern Qi
What 2 aspects of qi does the lung govern? Respiration and the Entire Body
What is the "qi" of the entire body? Ancestral qi
How does ancestral qi flow through the whole body Construction and Defense qi
Qi of respiration.... you inhale ____ qi and exhale _____ qi inhale clear, exhale turbid
Which direction does the Lover qi flow? Upbears
Which other viscera does lung work with to form ancestral qi? Spleen
When the Lung "Faces the hundred vessels" what function are they referring to? regulating heart in MOVEMENT OF BLOOD
What are the two movements of qi? Diffusion and Depurative downbearing
Where in the body does the lung qi open up at? Eyes
During diffusion lung qi turns which direction? Outward and upward
During depurative down bearing lung qi turns which direction? Downward and inward
If you have puffy swelling of the face and eyes, is there diffusion or non-diffusion Non-diffusion
When qi contract and restrains it is diffusion or depurative downbearing? Depurative downbearing
Name 4 steps of respiration Exhalation, Diffusion, Inhalation, Depurative downbearing
Lung and heart irrigation the entire body with nourishment. What does the lung and heart nourish the body with? Blood - heart Qi & Fluids - Lungs
What two things does the lung send downward, think Florid Canopy? Qi and fluids
Essence of Water and Grain Ling Shu states: The qi of the upper burner develops and diffuses the grains and tastes, fumigates the skin, fills the body, and [makes the body] hair lustrous; it irrigates[all of these] like a misty dew" What does it mean diffuses the grain & taste?
What type of qi transformation takes in nourishing substance from the outside of the body, (such as the essence of fluid and grain and natural clear qi), & transforming them into qi, blood, fluids, etc Similar transformation
What type of qi transformation ..the reciprocal transformation, within the body , of the basic substance of life such as qi, blood, essence, and body fluids Mutual transformation (shen controls)
What type of qi transformation is the utilization, through the processes of life, of qi, blood essence, etc. and the separation and resolution of unusable substances (turbid qi) dissimilar transformation
Of the three varieties of qi transformation, which one is an intrinsic process (occurs within the body)? Mutual transformation
What two viscera are the origins of qi transformations? lung and kidney
Kidney is the origin of ____ transformation Dissimilar
Lung is the origin of _____ transformation Similar
According to the Nei Jing lung regulates the ___? waterways
The lung regulating the waterways, implies what? Regarding the relationship of qi and fluids? Qi moves fluids
What are sluices? Pathways that fluids move through
What are the three main organs of water metabolism? Lung, spleen, kidney
What holds the offices of the sluices? Triple burner
During diffusion, the lung transports fluids upward and outward via the _____ triple burner
During depurative downbearing, the lungs sends the fluids downward via the triple burner
The lung is the upper origin of _____ (moistening, showering to body and kidney) water
The spleen engenders ____ Fluids
The lung disperses _____ fluids
The _____ separates the clear and the turbid and sends the turbid to the bladder Kidney
The _____ steams ___ fluids to the lungs. kidney, clear
The lung is responsible for intake of natural ____ qi and the spleen governs the ____ and ____ of essential qi which it absorbs from water and grain. Clear, movement, transformation
What is water-damp Fluids
in water metabolism, what is the spleens role? Engenders fluids
What is the 3 roles the lung plays in water metabolism Diffusion, depurative downbearing and regulating the waterways
What viscera is the source of phlegm? spleen
What viscera holds phlegm lung
Spleen qi vacuity leads to ? Lung qi vacuity
In Lung qi vacuity; Respiration is ____, splenic movement and transformation becomes ___ in turn, ____ qi loses its origin. Abnormal, abnormal, ancestral
Diffusion and depurative downbearing If phlegm collects in the lung, it inhibits?
If there is lung qi vacuity, ____ will accumulate and it will cause ___ movement and transformation failure Fluid/water dampness , splenic
If there is an abundant lung qi and normal depurative downbearing, it encourages ____ upbearing. liver
normal coursing and discharging and orderly reaching of ____ qi, encourages ____ qi ____ downbearing liver, lung, depurative
Binding depression of liver qi leads to fire and excessive upbearing leads to: Invades the ____, loss of lung ____ and downbearing. Lung, diffusion
What two viscera mutually moistens? Kidney and lung
Lung qi depurative downbearing sends fluids to the kidney
What viscera governs water? kidney
The lung governs qi of respiration, the kidney absorbs ___ and maintain the depth of ____. Qi, respiration
Lung and kidney (yin or yang) are mutually supportive? Yin
When the ___ cannot manage the waterways it will cause it to diffuse and downbear; it will inevitably involve the ____ Lung, kidney
kidney qi vacuity & kidney yang insuffic. with an inability to manage qi transformation will lead to internal stoppage of __. __ floods upward to the lung.Cannot disperse __ & excretion becomes obstructed. Cough,qi,panting, scanty uring,&water swelling. water-humor, water-humor, water-humor
According to SuWen: All water accumulation root is in the ____, and its end in the ____. Kidney, lung
What is the lungs paired bowel? large intestine
Lung governs depurative downbearing therefore relates to the ___ and ____ action of the large intestine. Conduction, Conveyance
Depurative ____ and ____ and ____ influence the qi dynamic of viscera and bowels. Downbearing, conduction, conveyance
If the lung and large intestine qi dynamic smooth will influence___. respiration
If the lung loses its depurative down bearing, qi cannot down bear and it will ____ ____ upward instead. counter flow
if fluids cannot reach the large intestine this may give rise to intestinal ____. Dryness
Diarrhea and Fecal incontinence occurs when lung and large intestine _____ is ____? qi is vacuous
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