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Frisby Chps 1-10 Comprehension

strong, muscular substitute guard for the rats Brutus
widowed field mouse who is extremely brave Mrs. Frisby
young, black crow who collects shiny things Jeremy
sick with pneumonia and is a bit of a hypochondriac Timothy
deep voice with big yellow eyes the Owl
youngest Frisby child, pretty and loves to dance Cynthia
a wise, old mouse who knows a lot about medicines Mr. Ages
the strongest, biggest Frisby child, dark like his father Martin
fierce orange and white cat Dragon
oldest Frisby child, very concerned about Timothy Teresa
setting Mr. Fitzgibbon's farm
Why does Mrs. Frisby go to see Mr. Ages? What does he tell her to do? Her son, Timothy is sick. He tells her it is pneumonia. Mr. Ages gives her medicine, but tells her they must keep Timothy warm & in bed. Timothy must not breathe any cold air for 3-4 weeks.
What happens when Mrs. Frisby is on the way home from seeing Mr. Ages? Mrs. Frisby sees a crow tangled in string and stuck on a wire fence. She gnaws the string and sets him free. The cat nearly catches them, but Mrs. Frisby climbs onto the crow's back and they both escape safely from the cat.
Why does the warming weather make Mrs. Frisby nervous? It means that Mr. Fitzgibbon will begin plowing and planting the garden very soon, and Timothy is not well enough to travel.
What does Mrs. Frisby learn as she watches Farmer Fitzgibbon and his boys from the fence post? The plow needs a new part that will probably arrive in five days.
Name two strange things Mrs. Frisby sees after watching the farmer. The cat appears to stare directly at Mrs. Frisby, but he has no interest in chasing her. She sees a dozen rats pulling a long black electrical cable through the grass into their home in the large wild rosebush in the far corner of the yard.
Who does Mrs. Frisby run into again and how is he able to help her with her problem? She sees the crow and he tells her about the wise owl who may be able to help her. He offers to fly her to the owl's home that evening.
Describe the owl and his home. What reason does he give for even listening to Mrs. Frisby for a few minutes? His home is in a hole high up in the trunk of an old tree. He has a deep voice and round yellow eyes. He agrees to talk to Mrs. Frisby when he is told that she once saved a bird from the cat.
What causes the owl to change his attitude regarding Mrs. Frisby? The owl finds out that Mrs. Frisby is the widow of Jonathan Frisby. The owl says he has heard about and admires Jonathan.
What does he tell Mrs. Frisby to do? What three things should she remember? He tells her to go speak to the rats in the rosebush. She should remember the names, Justin and Nicodemus, and "the lee of the stone".
What is Timothy thinking about? What made him think about this? He is thinking about Moving Day. He noticed the smell in the air of the frost melting and it reminded him of their moving day last year.
Explain how Mrs. Frisby is able to gain entrance into the rats' home. Because she is the widow of Jonathan Frisby, and also a friend of Mr. Ages, Justin invites her inside.
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