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Pericardium channel

Hand Jue Yin Pericardium channel

Pericardium Fundamentals - out enclosure of the ____ - protects the heart from invation of ____ or ____ outer enclosure of the heart; protects the heart from invation of heat or phlegm.
Pericardium functions are generally the same as the ______- regulate the ______ and _________- assist the heart in housing ______- maintain open flow of qi ________- distribute qi and regulate the function of the _____ and diaphragm PC functions are generally the same as the heart.- regulate the vessels and blood circulation- assist the heart in houseing the mind- maintain open flow of qi in the chest- disribute qi and regulate thefunctions of the stomach and diaphragm
Pericardium Fundamentals cont.Functions are generally the same as the heart, cont.- distribute qi to the areas covered by the -_______.special influence on the _____ and _____ burners. Distribute qi to the areas covered by the channel.special influence on the upper and middle burners.
Main pathologic signs assocated with the External Pathway of the Pericardium channel Siffness of the neck, spasm in the limbs, red facial complexion, pain in the eyes; subaxillary swelling, hypertonicity of the elbow and arm inhibiting movement; hot palms
Main patholigc signs associated with the internal organ of the Pericardium delirious speech; clouding inversion; vexation; fullness & oppression in the chest and lateral costal region; aphasia; palpitations; cardialgia; constant laughter and other essence-spirit disorders; restlessness, palpitations, flushed face, yellow sclera
Pathology of the Pericardium Channel Sinew - pain along the channel.- because it distributes internally in the chest, it is effective for treatment of the lung and for muscular injury to the chest and hypochondriac region.
Pericardiam Channel Divergence separates from the regular channel ______ 3 cun below the axilla
PC Channel Divergence - clinical functions: - reinforces the relationship btwn the PC and the SJ- explains the use of PC pts for neck pain, mastoid pain, ear disorders, toothache, Bell's Palsy, Plut Pit qi, chest, breast and hypochondriac region.
Pericardium Network Vessel separates from the regular channel ______ 2 cun above the wrist on the medial aspect of the arm, at Inner Pass PC 6
Pathology for the PC Network Vessel: vacuity - restlessness, irritabilityrepletion - cardiac pain, angina pectoris, chest pain.Esp good for heart disorders, mental/emotional disorders
PC 1 - name, location PC 1 Tian Chi, Celestial Poollocation - in the 4th intercostal space, 1 cun lateral to the nippleNote - nipple, not areola. 4th IC space and 1 cun lateral to nipple, not necessarily the same - go with the nipple.
PC 1 - indications Suffocating sensation in the chest, pain in the hypochondriac region, swelling and pain of the axillary region (Liver qi stagnation).
PC 3 - Name, category PC 3 Qu Ze Marsh at the bend. Uniting/He-Sea Point/Water
PC 3 - location on the transverse cubital crease at the ulnar side of the tendon of m biceps brachii
PC 3 - functions and indications clears construction, cools the blood: - cardiac pain, palpitations, febrile diseases, irritability- downbears coutnerflow, stops vomiting - vomiting & nausea - eliminates vexation and settles tetany: - pain in the elbow & arm, tremor of the hand &arm.
PC 6 - name and categories PC 6 Nei Guan Inner Passcategories: network oint, confluent point of the Yin Wei
PC 6 - location Location - on the flexor aspect of forearm; 2 cun proximal to Great Mound PC 7, btwn tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis (in absence of tendon of palmaris longus, pt is on ulnar side of flexor tendon)
PC 6 - indications regulates heart and calms spirit; harmonizes stomach and alleviates nausea and vomiting
PC 7 - name and category PC 7 DaLing Great Moundshu stream, Yuan Source, Earth
PC7 - location At the wrist joint, btwn the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis, level with Spirit Gate HT 7
PC 9 - Name and category PC 9 Zhong Chong Central HugJing Well/Wood
PC - Location and indications Location: at the center of the tip of the middle fingerIndications: cardiac pain, palpitation, loss of consciousness, aphasia with stiffness and swelling of the tongue, febrile diseases, heat stroke, convulsion, feverish sensation in the palm.
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