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Herbs IV 'Final'-1

Open Spirit, Extinguish Wind, Expel Parasites

Extinguishes wind, controls spasms & convulsions. Salty & cold. Enters HT and LIV. (Clear Damp Heat. Improve vision. Calm Liver and anchor Yang. Relieve toxicity.) Ling Yang Jiao (Jiao=Horn) antelope horn
Extinguishes wind, alleviate pain. Sweet & cool. Enters HT & LIV. (Drains Liver heat and pacifies Yang.) Gou Teng (Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis aka Gambir Vine stem & thorns)
Extinguishes wind, controls spasms & convulsions. Sweet & neutral. Enters LIV meridian only! (Also alleviate pain/disperse pain obstruction) Tian Ma (Rhizoma Gastrodiae aka Gastrodia rhizome)
Extinguish wind, anchor Yang. Acrid, bitter (so NO PREGNANCY), warm. Enters LU and LIV. Also for Wind-Heat, vision. Smooths the flow of LIV Qi (for Liver Qi stagnation) Bai Ji Li (Fructus Tribuli Terrestris aka Caltrop fruit)
Drains cold and causes Yang to descend. Is salty & COLD. Enters KD and LIV meridians. (Calms Liver and anchors Liver Yang. Improves vision & superficial visual obstructions.) Shi Jue Ming (Concha Haliotidis aka Abalone shell)
Drain heat, control spams & convulsions. Is salty and cold. Enters UB, LU, SP, LIV. (Also calms wheezing. Clears LIV, unblocks & promotes Qi in the meridians. Drains heat. Promotes urination. TREAT HYPERTENSION?) Di Long (Lumbricus)
Extinguishes wind, controls tremors, spasms & convulsions. Is salty, acrid, neutral, TOXIC. Enters only LIVER. (Relieve fire toxin and dissipate nodules. Unblock collateral and stop pain.) Quan Xie (Buthus Martensis aka OMG it's really a Scorpion!)
Extinguishes wind, controls spasms & convulsions. Is acrid, warm, toxic. Enters only LIVER. (Relieve fire toxin and dissipate nodules. Unblock collateral and stop pain.) Wu Gong (Scolopendra Subspinipes aka Centipede)
Extinguishes wind, controls spasms & convulsions. Is salty, acrid, NEUTRAL. Enters LU and LIV. (Expel wind, stop pain. TRANSFORM PHLEGM and stop pain. Expel wind & stop itching.) Jiang Can (Bombyx Batryticatus aka "stiff (or sick?) silkworm")
Kill parasites. Sweet & warm. Enters SP & ST. Shi Jun Zi (Fructus Quisqualis aka Rangoon Creeper Fruit)
Kill parasites. Also treats tinea (topically). Is BITTER, COLD, TOXIC. Enters LIV SP, ST. Ku Lian Gen Pi (Cortex Meliae Radicis aka China Root Tree Bark)
Kill parasites. Promote movement of Qi. (Purge, unblock bowel, promote urination TREATS MALARIA!). Acrid, bitter, warm. Enters ST & LI. Bing Lang (Semen Arecae Catechu aka Betel Nut)
Kill parasites. Drains heat/relieves toxic heat. Bitter & cold. Enters LIV & SP. (Cools blood to stop bleeding. Also treats allopecia and head sores.) Guan Zhong (Rhizoma Guanchong aka Dryopteris Root)
Kill parasites & alleviate pain. Benefit post partum fluid. Sweet & NEUTRAL. Enters LI & ST. Nan Gua Zi (Semen Cucurbitae Moschatae aka Pumpkin seed)
Treat malaria. Induce vomiting ("emesis") to expel phlegm. Bitter, acrid, COLD, TOXIC. Enters HT, LIV, LU. Chang Shan (Radix Dichroae Febrifugae aka Dichroa Root)
Substances that Extinguish Wind & Stop Tremor all enter which meridian? Liver
Substances that Extinguish Wind & Stop Tremor all enter LIV and what OTHER meridian (except the 3 that enter only LIV and the Abalone Shell which enters LIV & KID; and the Silkworm which enters LIV & LU) Liver & HEART!!! Except: 3 enter ONLY LIVER: Heavenly Hemp (Tian Ma aka rhizoma gastrodiae) Scorpion (Quan Xie aka Buthus martensis)) Centipede (Wu Gong aka Scolopendra subspinipes) And 2+1 are LIV-LU
Which 2 are LIV-LU instead of HT-LIV? Fructus tribuli & Bombyx batryticatus (silkworm)
Which one goes to FOUR meridians: LIV-LU-UB-SP? Di Long ("earth dragon")
Created by: mrbarr