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FFA Quiz

when a main motion is tabled, all other amendments and motions belonging to it are also tabled. True.
if an amendment is offered to an amended main motion, the amendment is considered a second rank amendment True.
Although it is suggested that parliamentary teams wear official dress, there are no guidlinges stating that such aparel is a requirement. True.
The National FFA Organization offers 4 conferences in which any member may participate: EDGE, MFE, Ald, WLC. True.
The ______, the National FFA Camp was founded.A. 1927B. 1937C. 1957D. 1967E. 1947 B. 1937
The last NFA president was: A. William LoveB.David SimmonsC.Oliver HunterD.Harold GumE.Adolphus Pinson E. Adolphus Pinson
The southern region Vice President is: A. Calvin Brinks B. Beaky Leake C. Beau Williamson D. Jennifer Himburg E. Javier Moreno D. Jennifer Himburg
The motion to rescind is a _______ motion and can be made by any member when no other motion is pending. Main
Food for America teachers agricultural _______ and can be valuable as an early chapter recruitmant tool. Literacy
In a society that is as complex as ours, there is a need for people who have the ability, willingness, and ____ to work together skill
name 4 National FFA career development events poultry evaluation job interviewdairy foodsagriculture sales
___________ focus on student success CDE's
only National
Created by: emilynicole