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Once & Future King 3

Review of Book 1, 4

To what fairy tale person did Wart compare himself as Kay was completing the process to become a knight? Cinderella
Why did Sir Ector take Wart and Kay to London? To participate in the tournament
What surprising event occurred just before Wart left for London? Merlyn spun like a top until he disappeared.
Who was Mr. P? The pike that ruled the moat.
For how long had King Pellinore been chasing the Questing Beast when he first met Wart? 17 years
Who are the only people who could enter Castle Chariot? Boys and girls
What must Wart and Kay hold in their hands while they are in Castle Chariot? Small cold iron knives
What does Robin tell Wart not to do while he is in Castle Chariot? Eat
Which of Robin's Merry Men is being held captive in Castle Chariot? Friar Tuck
Who decides to go to the rescue of Friar Tuck, Cavall, Wat, and Dog Boy? Kay
What is another name for the fairies? People of Peace
What kind of creature guards Castle Chariot? A griffin
To whom does Castle Chariot belong? Morgan le Fay
To what were the prisoners in Castle Chariot tied? Pillars of pork
Who killed the griffin? Kay
Created by: MizC