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Once & Future King 2

Review of Book 1

What is an anachronism? An object or reference that is located in the wrong place in time
As a baby, how did Wart get to Sir Ector's castle? Merlyn took him there to protect him
What occurred as Wart was pulling the sword from the stone? Music played, the animals in the banners came to life and encouraged him
According to the badger, why did Merlyn send Wart to visit him? To finish his education
What 2 lessons did the badger say that he had to teach Wart? To dig and to love your home
According to the badger, which animal is almost the only one to go to war? Humans
What two ways do ants classify things? Done and not done
Who taught Wart to swim? Merlyn
What does nostalgic mean? Rememebering the past fondly
Who taught Wart to fly? Archimedes
After Merlyn spoke sharply to Kay at their first meeting, what present did he give Kay? A knife
What kind of bird did Kay announce that he'd killed? A thrush
Who was always chasing the Questing Beast? King Pellinore
What kind of ants were in the nests in Wart's room? African ants
Why did the queen of the ants decide to go to war? She was greedy for the seeds in the Othernest.
What was Wart's job while he was an ant? Mash squad
Why did the geese post sentries? To watch for predators
Why didn't the geese fight one another for things like pasture? Did not own them, no boundaries
What body of water did Wart cross in his flight with the geese? North Sea
Created by: MizC