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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Teaching Church

what is sensus fidelium? The thoughts and writings of saints
What is sensus fidei? Supernatural appreciation of faith
What is a encyclicals? A pastoral letter written by the pope
What was in the pastoral letter? A letter to express church teaching on important matter
What was the development of doctrine? The growth and understanding of Gods Revelation through the study and prayers of those who believe
Do the church truths change? No, but can be elaborated
What is an Ecumenical Council? Gathering of bishops with authority of the pope
What is a creed? Statements of belief of the church
What are Apostolic Fathers? People who were taught by the apostles
Why were creeds written? To explain some doctrines more fully
What does Ecumenical mean? Whole/worldwide
What is discussed at Ecumenical Meetings? Trinity of the church, Human divine nature of the church, ext.
Who compressed the living voice of Christ? The Pope and Laity
Who is the source of revelation? The Bible and Jesus
What is Sacred Tradition? The word of God
What is Sacred Scripture? The speech of God
What is the process of the development of the doctrine? They are made official by the Pope
What is Immaculate Conception? Something defended by the early doctors
Can we change Holy Spirit beliefs? No, no further elaboration will go against what was originally believed
What is the Apostles Creed? Earliest creed we know and doctrines
What is Nicene Creed? Further explanation of Apostles Creed
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