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Webpage Chapter 4

What does CSS stand for? Cascading Style Sheet
What is a style? A rule that defines the appearance of an element on a webpage.
What is the purpose of a style sheet? It separates the style from the content. This allows flexibility for redesigning or rebranding a website.
What is an inline style? Inline styles are added right into the content. They take precedence over other styles in the stylesheet.
What is a sample inline style? <h1 style="font-color:navy">Special Note</h1> The font-color:navy is the inline style in the example above
What is an embedded stylesheet? Sometimes called internal. Includes the style sheet within the opening <head> tag of the HTML document.
When is an embedded stylesheet used? When you want to create a style for a single web page different from the rest of the website.
Which takes precedence, an embedded style sheet or an external style sheet? embedded
What is another name for an external style sheet? A linked stylesheet
What is the extension of a CSS file? .css
How do you apply an external style sheet to a webpage? You have to link it with a tag in the <head> section of the webpage.
What does reskinning mean? Changing the look of an entire website.
When you want to control the style of content in one pair, which styling should you use? Inline styles-right where the content is
When you want to control the style of content on a whole page, which styling should you use? Embedded style
When you want to control the style of content on a whole website, which styling should you use? External style sheet
CSS SAmple Body { background-color: green; }
What is the SELECTOR in the CSS styling? In the CSS sample given, BODY is the selector Body { background-color:green; }
What is the property in the CSS styling? In the CSS sample given, BACKGROUND-COLOR with a colon is the property Body{ background-color: green; }
What is the value in the CSS styling? In the CSS sample given, GREEN is the value followed by a semi colon Body{ background-color: green; }
What does a font size ending in "em" mean? Example: 1.5em The size of an em is relative to the current font size of the element. For example: if you have 1.5 em then the font would be 1.5 times the size of the current font
font-family: Cambria, "Times New Roman", serif; In this example, Cambria is the first font that would be used. If the browser does not display this font then Times New Roman would be used.
Why is "Times New Roman" font name placed in quotes and Cambria is not? If a font name has more than one word for its name, you must include it in quotes
RGB colors Different amounts of red, green, and blue to create different colors.
Hexadecimal colors a six digit number beginning with a # to represent a particular color
margins passive white space between block elements or at top or bottom of webpage. See pg. 150
border separates the padding and margin of a block element. Can vary in thickness, color, and style. See pg. 150
padding Passive white space between content and border and border of a block element. See pg. 150
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