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Ch. 13 Male Reproduction System

benign prostatic hyperplasia BHP; enlargement of the prostate
balanitis inflammation of the skin covering the glans penis
hypogonadism lack of hormones normally produced by the gonads
hypospadias congenital abnormality in which the opening of the male urethra is on the bottom of the penis instead of the tip
phimosis narrowing of foreskin so that it cannot be retracted over the glans penis
priapism prolonged erection of the penis, which occurs without sexual stimulations
anorchism absence of one or both testicles
hydrocele swelling of the sac surrounding the testes that is typically harmless
orchitis painful swelling of one or both testes commonly associated with mumps that develop after puberty
spermatocele abnormal, fluid-filled sac that develops in the epididymis and may or may not contain sperm
varicocele swelling and distention of veins of the spermatic cord (resembles vericose veins on the legs)
digital rectal examination DRE; screening test in males that evaluates the size and consistency of the prostate
prostate-specific antigen PSA; blood test used to detect prostatic disorders, especially prostate cancer
orchiopexy fixation of the testes in the scrotum
brachytherapy of the prostate radioactive "seeds" are placed directly within or near a tumor in the prostate to destroy malignant cells
alpha-I blockers block alpha-I receptors in the prostate and bladder, relaxing muscles and improving urine flow
androgens increase testosterone levels
antiandrogens suppress the production of androgen
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