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Common knee ortho

IT Band pain is mainly where and why? On the lateral portion of the knee (or hip) due to the abnormal friction and pulling on the lateral condyle of the femur (or greater trochanter)
What are the three main muscles involved in IT band syndrome if left untreated TFL, glute Max and IT band.
What is the typical western tx for IT band syndrome. (Acute) Rice (acute) anti-inflammatory medication (acute).
What is the typical Western tx for IT band syndrome (chronic) Heat (chronic) Massage(chronic)
What type of athlete will usually have IT band syndrome. Marathon runners
What is the typical ortho acu tx for IT band syndrome Perfusion tx. Ear shen men, ear knee. Distal pints (GB 42, SJ 3). GB 29 (MP TFL), GB 34, GB 31 (wind pint), ashi pints x 4 (threading behind the IT Band), Glute Max MP
What percent of the Glute Max connects to the TFL 70%
What is the Glute max MP 6 inches lateral from S4 And 1 inch distal
A sprain usually occurs with Ligaments.
A strain usually occurs with Tendons/muscles
Medial collateral ligament sprain Medial knee pain due to trauma from the outer part of the knee (football tackle). The impact causes the femur and tibia to gap and that lead to a SPrained MCL
Indication of MCL Pain on the medial portion of the knee, swelling and tenderness upon palpation. If the SPrain is significant, than there might be instability in the knee
If a patient indicates pain on the medial side of the leg around live 8 it could indicate MCL sprain
What is the typical western treatment for MCL sprain RICE. Immobilization. Anti-inflammatory medication.
Typical ortho acu tx for MCL sprain Perfusion tx. Ear shen men, ear knee. Ashi points threading the medial joint line. MP of the vastus Medialis (3 inches up 1 medial). Distal piknts (Sp 6), extraordinary vessels.
What is the main point for hamstring disharmony Kid 10
What is the man channel for adductor problems Liver channel
Patello femoral pain syndrome Knee pain typically located under the patella especially when walking DOWN HILL or SITTING for long periods of time
What causes patellofemoral Pain Due to patella not tracking properly over the femur. This leads to inflammation under the patella.
If not addressed what can patellofemoral pain syndrome lead to Chondromalacia patella
What is the typical western tx for patellofemoral pain syndrome Rest reduce exercise intensity. Anti- inflammatory medication.
Where would a patient indicate pain for patellofemoral pain syndrome On the knee crepitus is usually present when px moves knee
What is the typical ortho acu tx for patellofemoral pain syndrome Perfusion treatment. Ear shen men, ear knee. Distal pints. Vastus medialis MP, xi yan, St 36. Secondary modalities should focus on loosening the outer quads.
Where is the vastus medialis MP location. 3 inches up and 1 inch medial
What is pes anserine bursitis Synovial fluid filled sac that causes medial knee pain espically in LONG DISTANCE RUNNERS
What are the muscles are usually HYPERtonic in Pes Anserine Bursitis Gracilis (liv), sartorious (Sp), simitendinosus (Kid). The increase pressure and movement lead to inflammation.
Where does the px indicate pain for Pes Anserine Bursitis Pain around the medial side of the knee around Sp 9
What is the western tx for Pes Anserine Bursitis RICE. Rest. Anti-inflammatory medications
Where is the Pes anserine Bursa located 1 up and 1 inch anterior to Sp 9
What it the typical orthopedic acu tx for Pes Anserine Bursitis Perfusion tx. Ear shen men, ear knee. Distal points (Sp 6). Surround the dragon (4 needles in a square around the bursa) connects the wires - then +, - then +. (And so on 4x total)
What should you never do to a bursa Never cup needle or gua sha the bursa.
Created by: Jkellycal