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Quad & hamstring inj

Quadriceps strain are typically seen where With athletes that perform explosive actives. Sprinting, weight training and jumping
What art the four muscles of the quadriceps Rectus femoris. Adductor magnus. Vastus lateralis. Vastus medialis.
What is the most common injured muscle of the quads & why Rectus femoris. Because it crosses 2 joints the knee and the hip
What is the motor pint of the rectus femoris 1/2 between He Ding and St 31
What is the MP of vastus lateralis 8 inches up from the lateral superior border of the patelle (follow the curve)
What is the MP of vastus medialis 3 inches up from the medial border of the patella.
What are the muscle strain grades for a quadriceps strain 1-10% tear mild pain. 10-90% tear moderate to severe pain, tenderness. 100% tear pain initially and then NO PAIN.
Typical western treatment for quadriceps strain. Ricer (acute) anti-inflammatory medication (acute). Immobilization in severe cases (acute). heat & massage (chronic)
Typical ortho acu Tx for quadriceps strain Perfusion Tx. Ear shen men. Quad motor points. In-line technique (2-4 needles). Distal pints (depending on which meridian is involved)
A hamstring strain is usually mor common in what type of athletes Endurance athlete. S/S are the same as a quad injury.
What is the bicep femoris MP located 1 inch lateral and 6 inches up from UB 40
What are the muscles involved in a hamstring sprain Semitendinosus. Semimembranosus. Biceps femor (long head). Quadratus femoris.
What is the MP for semimembranosus 1/2 the distance between UB 40 & UB 36 then 1.5 inches up and 1.5 inches medial
What is the MP for semi tendinosus Half the distance between UB 40 and UB 36 1 inch medial and 1 inch inferior.
What is the ortho tx for hamstring strain. Perfusion treatment. Ear shen men. Hamstring MP. In-line technique. (2-4 needles). Distal pints (depending on the meridian.
Created by: Jkellycal