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Criminal Key Terms

Aggravated Assault Attempt to cause bodily harm or injury to a person knowingly or recklessly.
Arson Deliberately setting fire to a property.
Battery Intentional touching in an offensive way to another person.
Bribery Giving someone a bribe.
Burglary Stealing after illegally entering a property.
Contempt of Court Being disobedient to the court and its officers.
Criminal Act Committing a crime that is punishable by law.
Criminal Intent Having the intention of committing a crime.
Duty Someone's job or role.
Embezzlement Theft of money from a company.
Felony A crime considered worse than a misdemeanor.
Forgery Act of forging a copy of a document.
Fraud Misleading the investors of a company.
Infraction A violation of a law agreement.
Kidnapping The act of taking someone somewhere without their permission.
Larceny Theft of personal property.
Manslaughter Unintentionally killing someone.
Misdemeanor A minor infraction.
Money Laundering The act of cleaning the trail of money that was made illegally.
Murder Killing someone intentionally.
Obstruction of Justice Trying to mislead the courts and block an investigation.
Perjury Making untruthful statements in court under oath.
Rape Unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury or death against a person's will.
Robbery Act of taking property forcibly when threatening someone's well being.
Simple Assault Attempt to do serious bodily harm to an individual.
Statutory Rape Someone above the age of consent attempting to have intercourse with someone below the age of consent.
Treason Act of betraying the government.
Vandalism Deliberate damage to public or private property.
Violation of Duty Failure to fulfill a promise or obligation
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