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A Wagner Matinee Voc

Shaw Wagner Matinee Vocabulary

scourged afflicted; tormented
chilblains inflammation of the hands and feet, caused exposure to cold
callow immature; inexperienced
stuff cloth, usually woolen
stays corset, or figure-enhancing women’s undergarment, stiffened as with whalebone
sordid unethical; dishonest
doggedly stubbornly; persistently
tremulously in a trembling or shaking manner
semisomnambulant confused and unperceiving, as if sleepwalking
Ramses one of the kings of ancient Egypt
froth and fret agitated waters moving around obstacles
bullion gold
Yukon river in Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada
haberdasher one who sells men’s clothing
impressionist one who follows impressionism, a movement in French painting emphasizing the effects of light and color
conjurer’s magician’s
faro gambling game played with cards
renouncing giving up
legacy inheritance
grotesque strange; absurd
eluding escaping
reverential deeply respectful
pious devoted to one’s religion
inert inactive; dull
trepidation anxious uncertainty
obliquely at a slant
deluge rush; flood
myriad countless
Created by: mzshaw
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