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The Pearl Steinbeck

Where does Kino live? Near the beach
Why does Kino hear the waves on the beach singing the "Song of the Family"? Kino feels that it is good for his family to earn their living by working closely with nature.
Why is it important to know that Kino's people "had once been great makers of songs so that everything they saw or thought or did or heard became a song"? Depending on what kind of music Kino seems to sense, he gets an intuitive feeling as to whether a person or situation is good or evil.
Why is Kino able to judge a situation intuitively when he hears music? Life has its own subtle patterns and rhythms.
What do the main characters understand about themselves? They are an underprivileged race.
Why does Juana suck on Coyotito's scorpion sting? To draw out the poison before it can get into the bloodstream.
Why did the neighbors think it a "wonderful thing, memorable thing" to want the doctor? The lazy doctor cared only for the rich and didn't tend poor Indians.
Who were the town's best experts in financial analysis? The beggars
What does the doctor show when he says, "I am a doctor, not a veterinary"? He thinks of the natives as animals.
Does Juana take the pearl to the church? Juana does not take the pearl to the church.
How does the doctor know where Kino's pearl is buried? The doctor had seen Kino's eyes go to the hiding place.
Why do the pearl buyers put away all the pearls on their desks? It is not good to let an inferior pearl be seen beside a beauty.
What reason did the people believe the hired agents selling their pearls in the city were never heard from again? Divine punishment
How does the buyer show his surprise when he sees the size and beauty of Kino's pearl? By dropping the coin he had been skillfully handling.
How does Kino get supplies after his house burns? From his brother
What weapon does Kino use the first time he kills someone? Knife
What is one thing Kino does NOT do to hide his footprints as he and his wife leave home? Walk backward
What is NOT true about the pearl? It was so big the pearl buyers knew it was not worth much.
How many people chase Kino and Juana out of town? Three
What must Kino do in order to successfully attack his trackers? Take off his clothes
What do the trackers suppose is the murmuring cry they hear in the distance at night? A coyote
How is Coyotito killed? Instantly by a tracker firing his rifle toward the cave.
What is the author telling the reader when he says that Kino saw evil faces and frantic eyes in the pearl? Kino now sees the evil of having the pearl.
What did Kino do at the end of the story? Threw the pearl into the sea
This story shows that no matter how exalted or how lowly their possessions, surroundings, or means to a living, how do humans get their dignity and happiness? From a realization of who they are, not what they have.
What had Juana prayed directly for? A large pearl
What song did Kino sing as he searched for oysters? The Song of the Undersea
What was the first thing Kino said he wanted to do after discovering the pearl? Marry Juana in the church
What is pulque made from? Agave juice
What did the doctor give the baby to pretend he could cure him? Ammonia
T/F: Kino is at least able to catch the scorpion and kill it. TRUE
T/F: Kino never liked the doctor because he was of another race. TRUE
T/F: Although the doctor is really at home when the family goes there, he tells his servant to say he is out on a serious call. TRUE
T/F: Kino was proud of the boat he had built. FALSE (Kino's boat was built by his grandfather.)
T/F: Since Kino and Juana had been married in the village church, the priest knew they would be happy to help with the necessary repairs. FALSE(Kino and Juana were not married.)
T/F: There is really only one pearl buyer. The other men act as his agents and give the appearance they are competing. TRUE
T/F: Kino and Juana resented the neighbors' insistence on accompanying them to the town to sell the pearl. FALSE(It was expected that the neighbors would go with them.)
T/F: Kino has made his living primarily from fishing, although at times he also searched for pearls. TRUE
T/F: When Kino says, "I am a man," Juana knows this means he will try to drive his strength against anything. TRUE
T/F: Kino was not a man to be content with what he had. He felt compelled to strive for more. TRUE
River mouth Estuary
Drowsiness Lethargy
Dressing Poultice
Closely related Germane
Thoughtful Speculative
Impatient Petulant
Humble Suppliant
Monumental Monolithic
Defense Bulwark
Poor Indigent
Pretended Feinted
Hill Hummock
Wise Judicious
Sneaky Furtive
Strong Stalwart
Why does Juana want to see the doctor? Coyotito is everything to Juana
Why is Kino angry and yet ashamed? The doctor's race has persecuted Kino's race for centuries.
Why does Kino wait to open the big oyster? He is afraid to want something too much.
Why do other people try to steal the pearl? They are envious of Kino's good fortune.
Why does the doctor come to see the baby? He hears Kino found the pearl.
Why does Kino decide to go to the capital? The pearl buyers cheat Kino.
Why does Kino follow and beat Juana? Juana tries to throw the pearl away.
Why does Kino kill a man with his knife? He is ambushed coming back from the beach.
Why must the family walk to the capital? Kino's canoe is ruined.
Why is Coyotito mistaken for an animal and killed? He cries out.
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