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Fun After The Land

A series of random questions after the land one November 18th

What is my favorite color? Black, Zebra Print
What is my favorite animal BESIDES a horse? A Zebra
What is a nickname that i give my horse? Moose
What is the real name of my horse? Danni
What is my horses show name? Moonlight Serenade
What is My Favorite time in a 24 hour day? When the moon is up
What is a phrase that i say when i mess something up? Thats the all time low my life has fallen to
What is The Name of an actor that the Sixth grade boys say when they mess something up? Bob Saggot
Who is my older sister? hannah Kausche
What is my the thing i will do when i to WIAPS? Bring my person to the barn for several hours
What is my favorite drink? Lemonade
What is my favorite subject in school? English
What is my least favorite subject in school? Math
What Teacher makes me nervous to come to thier class? Morgan//History
What do i find very annoying that is done on an ipod? The high pitched noise
What scares me the most when i fall? Having to get back up and knowing that i just looked really stupid.
Who do i like to annoy but i still think hes awesome? Evan :)
Who is my favorite teacher to hang out with? Deirdre
Created by: IntoTheShadows