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Physiology & Anatomy

revison for vhari

Whats the realtionship/organsation of cells and tissues specialised cells working together for the same function - to form tissue ( muscle cells working together to perform the same funtion)
Whats the relationship/organisation Tissue and organs serveral tissues working together for the same function- to form organs ( epithelial, connective, muscle & nervous tissues working together to form heat
Whats the relationship/organisation of organs and systems organs work in a sequence for the same purpose to make a system ( heart, arteries, veins work together to form cv systems)
Whats the structure/function of a cell membrane in a cell controls the passage of substances in and out of the cell
Whats the structure/function of Mitochondria in a cell responsible for the production of energy for the cell
Whats the structure/function of the nucleus in a cell its the control center of the cell controlling all functions
Whats the structure/function of the golgi bodies/apparatus in a cell packages and prepares proteins
Whats the structure/function of the endoplasmic reticulum in a cell responsible for the transport of materials within the cell
Whats the structer/ function of cytoplasm in a cell jelly like substance which is the site of all chemical reactions
What is Epithelial tissues function membranes that line or separate oragns ( line the inside of the mouth & cover organs in the body)
What is connective tissues function Adds support and structure to the body( ligaments, tendons
What is muscle tissues function formed from protein fibres that contract
What is the Nerve tissues function strands of neurones that transmit electrical impulses to or from the brain
Function of cardiac muscle tissue involunary muscle that forms heat
Function of smooth muscle tissue involuntary muscle forms structres such as the blood vessels and bladder
Function of skeletal muscle tissue voluntary muscle is responsible for the movement of theskeletal sytem and generates heat
Whats the Skeletal systems main organs and basic function main organs -humerus, vertebrae - function is supports ,protection& calcium store
Whats the muscular systems main organs and basic function main organs- gastrocnemius, deltiod- function is provides movement
Whats the cardiovascular systems main organs and basic function main organs- heart, artries- function is circulate blod in the body
Whats the respiratory systems main organs and basic function main oragns- lungs, diaphragm - function is inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
Whats the nervous systems main organs and basic function main organs- brain, neurones- function is controls all body functions
Whats the endocrine systems main organs and basic function main organs- adrenal gland, pancreas- function isproduce chemicals to maintain homeostasis
Whats the urinary systems main organs and basic function main organs- kidneys,liver- function remove waste, balence water and salt levels
Whats the digestive systems main organs and basic function main organs- stomach,large intestine- function is breakdown food for absorption
What is Diffusion the net movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration along a concentration gradient
Where does the diffusion process occur in the lungs where oxygen moves from a high concentration in the alveoli to the low concentraion in the blood capillaries
What is osmosis the net movement of water molecules from an area of high water concentration to an area of low concentration through a semi permeable membrane
Where does osmosis occurs there is a high water concentration within the blood, the moleclues will move toward the low water concentration in the kidney tubules
When does Active Transport occur when you want to move molecules or ions across the membrane agasint a concentration gradient
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