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lesson 11 words


doctor physician
antibiotic substance used to kill ur illness
taxidermy method of preparing the skins of animals with life like method
tactless not showing adroitness to others
tactile of or connected the sense of touch
subtract take away
protract extend a part
extract take out
intact not damaged in any way
modest unassuming estimation of ones abilities or achievemnets
creed system of Christian or other religious believes
credulous ready or willing to believe
credentials ones achievements
commode piece of furniture containing a champer pot
bionic having artificial parts
geography physical features of earth
biology study of life
geology study of the earth
hypodermic relating to beneath the skin
dermatologists branch of medicine that relates to the skin and its defects
fallacy lie, not true, something mistaken
fallacious mistaken belief especially one based on an unsound argument
document written matter that providesinfo or evidence that serves as a record
doctrine set of beliefs taught by a church or other group
calligraphy beautiful writting.
pictograph pictorial symbols used for words or sentences
modify make better or make minor changes to improve something
monograph detailed written study of subject
offal to eat the internal organs and entrails of any animal
doc teach
cred believe, trust
graph draw, write
tact touch
tract drag, draw
doc teach
bio life
geo earth
derm skin
mod measure
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