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Homographs Words that have the same spelling but different meanings
Theme The message or heart of the story
Forbade Ordered not to
Curtly Rude with few words
persecution The act of attaching someone be cause of their beliefs or backround
Chronological Order time order of events occuring
Pensive Deep in thought
Folk Tale Story passed down from word of mouth through generatiions
Refuge A place of safety
Bout Match or contest
Alliteration Repetitiion of a consenant sound in phrases and words
Facilitate To ease or aid
Motif Repeated pattern Across many pieces of literature
Frenzied Wild or out of control
Personification Giving something non-human human like quilities
Conflict The problem the character face in the story
Incrediously In disbelief
Setting Place and time where the story occurs
Stamina The ability to do something difficult for a long period of time
Prose Everything spoken or written except poetry
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