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odyssey vocabulary-sessions freshman english

Muse any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom preside over a different art or science
harangue to make long, pompous speech; to speak with very strong feeling; a long, violent speech; especially one that denounces someone or something
mull to heat and spice (as in a beverage); consider; to ponder
bard a poet, especially an exalted national poet; a strolling musician or minstrel
insolent presumptuous and insulting in manner or speech; arrogant
desolate devoid of inhabitants; deserted; rendered unfit for habitation; dreary; dismal; gloomy; without friends or hope; lonely
Argive Greek
portent an indication of something momentous or calamious to about to occur; an omen
Pallas Athena; goddess of wisdom and arts
brazen made of brass; resembling brass; impudnt; bold
ruffian a tough or rowdy fellow; a thug or gngster
libation a liquid poured as an offering in a religious ritual; an intoxicating beverage
trident a long, three-pronged fork or weapon
Graces three sister goddesses and daughters of eus who dispense charm and beauty
blithe cheerful; carefree; casual
rampart a fortification consisting of an elevation or embankment; anything that serves to protect or defend
resplendent filled with splendor; brilliant; shining
succulent full of juice or sap; juicy; in botany, having a thick, fleshy leaves or stems that conserve moisture; interesting and absorbing; not dull or dry
convoy an accompanying and protecting force; a group, usually a group of vehicles, traveling together for convenience
rapt enraptured; deeply absorbed; engrossed
gossamer a fine film of cobwebs; a soft, sheer, gauzy fabric; anything delicate or light
quarry a hunted bird or animal; prey; any object of pursuit
trussed tied up; bound; wrapped-up
trove something of value discovered or found; a find; short for treasure trove
moldering being dust; decaying; crumbling
pyre a heap of combustibles for buring a corpse as a funeral rite; any heap of combustibles
flay to strip the skin off of; to strip of money or goods; to criticize harshly
ignominous shameful; disgrace
regalia symbols of royalty such as a crown and scepter; magnificent clothing
loll to demonstrate laziness or relaxation
sumptuous size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish
ardent warm pssionate; enthusiastic; fierce; hot as fire; burning
whetted sharpened
Hellas a name for Greec in general
Argos sometimes used as an alternate name for mainland of Greece; Odysseus' dog
craven characterized by abject fear; cowardly
Guries in Greek and Roman mythology, the three terrible winged goddesses with serpentine hair who pursue and punish those guilty of unavenged crimes
gallant showy; dashihng; majestic; noble; courageous; daring; attentive to women; chivalrous; courteous
debauched morally corrupt
vagrant a person who wanders from place to place without a job or home and makes a living by begging or stealing
pernicious tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly; destructive
wrought shaped by hammering with tools; made delicately or elaboratly
glided covered with or as if with a thin layer of gold OR as a verb to cover with or as if with a thin layer of gold
wrangle to dispute noisily or angrily
swarthy having a dark complexion
evanescent vanishing or likly to vanish; fleeting
sardonic scornful; mocking; cynical; sarcastic;
charlatan a person who claims to have skills that he doesn't have; an imposter
quiver a portable case for carrying arrows
pique a feeling of resentment arising from wounded pride or vanity
harry to raid, as in war; to distrub or annoy by constant attacks; to harass
skulk to lurk; to lie in hiding; to move stealthily; to evade work or obligations
lithe easily bent; supple; limber; effortlessly graceful
hallmark a mark used in England to stamp gold and silber articles that meet established standards or purity; any mark indicating quality or ecellence; any conspicuous indication of the character or quality of something
bole the trunk of a tree
adze an axe-like tool with an arched blade
auger a tool for making holes in wood
wraith ghost
litter a stretcher for carrying the dead or wounded
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