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Kidney Patterns

TermSymptomstongue pulsecausesTreatmentpoint comboTreatment
Kidney Yin Xu Vertigo, tinnitus, poor memory, hard of hearing, night sweats, nightly dry mouth/throat, achy bones/back, night/ premature emissions, constipated, dark scanty urine, infertile, lassitude, depressed, slight anxiety T: Normal, no coat. P: Floating, empty Overwork Too much sex Many drugs/herbs: cocaine, meth, stimulants in general, caffeine, ginseng Multi-parity (many children) Fevers Hereditary disposition nourish KD-Yin
Kidney Qi not Firm (Kidney Qi Failing to Hold) Sore/Weak l. back/knees, urination: (clear freq, weak stream, abundant, dribbling, incontinence, enuresis, night), nocturnal emmission w/o dreams, premature ejac, spermatoorhea, lassitude, cold, prolapse, recurent miscarriage, chr. white vag discharge Tongue: Pale Pulse: Deep-Weak, especially in the Rear positions Reinforce and stabilize Kidney-Qi Raise Qi Tonify Kidney-Yang
Kidney Yin deficiency, Empty Heat Blazing Malar flush, mentally restless, pm sweats, pm fever, 5palm heat pm, scanty dark urine, bloody urine, dry throat pm, thirst w/ sips, dizzy, tinnitus, hard of hearing, l. bachache, pm emissions w/ dreams, excessive sex, dry stool T: red, cracked w/ red tip Tongue: Red, cracked with a red tip, without coating Pulse: Floating-Empty and Rapid Overwork Too much sex Many drugs/herbs: cocaine, meth, stimulants in general, caffeine, ginseng Multi-parity (many children) Fevers Hereditary disposition Use Acupuncture to Clear Heat. Use herbs, food, and rest to support Yin. Nourish KD-Yin Clear Empty-Heat Calm the Mind KD-1, 2, 3, 6; UB-23; (UB-15, 18, 13 depending on what other organ is affected); SP-6 (nourished KD-Yin and calms the Mind); Ren-4
Kidney fails to receive Qi SOB on exertion, rapid/weak breath, difficult inhalation, chr cough/asthma, spont sweats, cold limbs, face swelling, thin body, mental listlness, clear urine during ashtma attack, l. backache, dizzy, tinnitus. Tongue: Pale Pulse: Deep, weak, tight Tonify and warm the Kidneys Stimulate the Kidney's receiving of Qi Stimulate the descending of Lung-Qi no Moxa if person has asthma
Kidney yang/Qi Xu w/ diarrhea cocks crow diarrhea, other KidneyYang or Qi Xu signs, undigested food, aggravated by wind/cold, Other KD-Yang or Qi xu signs Tongue: pale, swollen and wet with a white/yellow coating Pulse: Deep-Weak-Slow Naval moxa. salt moxa Moxa: ST-36; ST-25; UB-25; UB-23
Kidney Yang/Qi Xu w/ water in flood KD-Yang fails to metabolise fluids, lower body edema which can interfere with Upper Burner Cold feeling in legs and back Fullness and distension of abdomen Soreness of lower back breathlessness Feeling cold Scanty clear urination Tongue: pale, swollen and wet with a white coating Pulse: Deep-Weak-Slow Herbs necessary Tonify and warm KD Transform Water Warm and tonify SP-Yang DU-4; UB-23; UB-22; UB-20; Ren-9; ST-28; SP-9; SP-6; KD-7
Kidney-Jing Xu Soft bones, Weak knees/legs/posture, Loose/lost teeth, hair loss/premature grey, Weak sexual activity, L.backache, Infertile, Sterile, amenorrhea, Dizzy, Tinnitus, Deaf Blurry vision, No taste, No Touch sensation, Absent-mindedness, Low mental sharpness Tongue: without coating if this pattern occurs against a background of KD-Yin xu; Pale if against a background of KD-Yang Xu Pulse: Floating-Empty or Leather KD-Yin xu or KD-Yang xu. Chemotherapy. Nourish the Essence Tonify the KD GB-39 (meeting point of Jing); UB-11; ST-36; DU-4; UB-23
Kidney Yang Deficiency Lower backache, feeling cold, weak legs, bright white complexion, lassitude, abundant clear urination, nocturnal uresis, apathy, edema of legs, infertility, premature ejaculations, low sperm count, decreased libido Tongue: Pale and wet, not dry, thin white coat Pulse: Deep-Weak, slow Aging Overwork Excess sexual activity Diet - excessive consumption of cold and raw foods may weaken Spleen- and Kidney-Yang Exposure to Cold Tonify and warm the Kidneys, strengthen the Fire of the Gate of Life. Tonify Kidney-Yang and warm Ministerial Fire
Created by: AnMarWill