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Controlling Vessel

Controlling Vessel (Ren)

The Controlling Vessel (Ren) regulates all _____ channels. all of the Yin channels. all yin channels connect with the Ren. The Chong, Yin Wei and Yin Qiao connect with the Ren.
The Controlling Vessel circulates ____ Yin qi (blood, essence, body fluids) throughout the body. Can be used to treat all disorders of the yin channesl and all patterns due to either repleation or vacuity of yin qi.
The Controlling Vessel regulates ____ function. reproductive function. Male and female. Directly connects with the uterus and external genitalia. The area of Ren 4 &5, the Dan Tian, is where essence and source qi is stored. In women, this is where conception occurs and the fetus is stored.
The Controlling Vessel regulations the function of the ______ internal organs. Connects with all organs as it passes through the abdomen.
The Controlling Vessel distributes qi up to ___ the face, lips and eyes.
The Controlling vessel network vessel spearates from the Ren at ____ Ren 15 and distributes over the upper and lower abdomen.
Pathology of the CV Network Vessel ____ Repletion: Pain of the skin of the abdomen (shingles)Vacuity: itching of the skin of abdomen
Ren 1 - name Hui Yin Meeting of Yin
Ren 1 - category, locatoin Meeting point of the Controlling, Penetrating and Governing vessels. Sun Si-miao Ghost point.Location: between the anus and the root of the scrotum in mails and between the anus and the posterial labial commissure in females
Ren 2 - name Qu Gu Curved Bone
Ren 2 - category, location Meeting point of the Controlling vessel with the liver channel.Location: on the midpoint of the upper border of the symphysis pubis.
Ren 2 - cautions and contraindications great care should be taken to puncture points from Qu Gu Ren 2 to Shangwan Ren 13 in pregnant women.
Ren 8 - name Shen Que Spirit Tower Gate
Ren 8 - location, notes in the center of the umbilicus. Needling prohibited, moxa is applicable.Notes - salt and moxa: hot/cold diarrhea, no appetite, prolapse; HIV/AIDS, Sp Fx diminished
Ren 8 - functions and indications Warms and frees the original yang: abdominal pain, unchecked diarrhea.Opens the portals and restores consciousness: wind strik, flaccid paralysis.Moves gastrointestinal qi: borborygmusTransforms cold-dampAbdominal pain, edema, rectal prolapse
Ren 12 - name Zhong Wan Central Venter
Ren 12 - point category; location Front Mu/alarm point of the stomach. Influential point of the Fu/bowels.Location - on the anterior midline, 4 cun above the umbilicus
Ren 12 - functions and indications Harmonizes the stomach and downbears counterflow: stomachache, borborygmus, nausea, vomiting, acid regurgitation, indigestion, insomnia. Fortifies the spleen and disinhibits damp: abdominal distention, diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice.
Ren 12 - notes best for vacuity of the middle burner.Focus on the body of the stomach organ.moxa for cold in the stomach.
Ren 15 - name Jiu Wei, Turtle Dove Tail
Ren 15 - point category, locaiton Luo Connecting point (network).Location: ont he anterior midline below the xiphoid process, 7 cun above the umbilicus. Located with the arms uplifted.
Ren 15 - indications Calm fear/obsession, severe anxiety, emotional upset
Ren 17 - name Shan Zhong, chest center
Ren 17 - category, location Front-Mu point of the pericardium. Influential point of Qi.Location - on the anterior midline, at the level with the 4th intercostal space, midway between the nipples.
Ren 24 - name cheng Jiang, Sauce Receptacle
Ren 24 - point category, location meeting point of the Concepetion Vessel with the Governing vessel and the large intestine and stomach channels.Location - in the depression in the center of the mentolabial groove (above the chin)
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