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Bike A bicycle
Car A road vehicle with an engine and four wheels that can carry a small number of passengers
Van A covered vehicle with no side windows in its back half, usually smaller than a lorry/truck, used for carrying goods or people
Scooter A light motorcycle, usually with small wheels and a curved metal cover at the front to protect the rider’s legs
Rocket A spacecraft in the shape of a tube that is driven by a stream of gases let out behind it when fuel is burned inside
Bus A large road vehicle that carries passengers, especially one that travels along a fixed route and stops regularly to let people get on and off
Truck A large vehicle for carrying heavy loads by road
Ambulance A vehicle with special equipment, used for taking sick or injured people to a hospital
Skateboard To ride on a skateboard
Moped A motorcycle with a small engine and also pedals
Plane A flying vehicle with wings and one or more engines
Train A railway/railroad engine pulling a number of coaches/cars or trucks, taking people and goods from one place to another
Helicopter An aircraft without wings that has large blades on top that go round. It can fly straight up from the ground and can also stay in one position in the air
Escalator Moving stairs that carry people between different floors of a large building
Tractor A powerful vehicle with two large and two smaller wheels, used especially for pulling farm machinery
Motorbike A bicycle which has a small engine
Boat A vehicle (smaller than a ship) that travels on water, moved by oars, sails or a motor
Fire engine A special vehicle that carries equipment for fighting large fires
Elevator A machine that carries people or goods up and down to different levels in a building or a mine
Limo A large expensive comfortable car
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