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Pen An instrument made of plastic or metal used for writing with ink
Ruler A straight strip of wood, plastic or metal, marked in centimetres or inches, used for measuring or for drawing straight lines
Paper clips A piece of bent wire or plastic that is designed to hold loose sheets of paper together
Stapler A small device used for putting staples into paper, etc.
Marker A marker (of/for something) a sign that something exists or that shows what it is
Pencil A narrow piece of wood, or a metal or plastic case, containing a black or coloured substance, used for drawing or writing
Tape A long narrow strip of magnetic material that is used for recording sounds, pictures or information
Notepad Sheets of paper that are held together at the top and used for writing notes
Clipboard A small board with a clip at the top for holding papers, used by somebody who wants to write while standing or moving around
Fountain pen A pen with a container that you fill with ink that flows to a nib
Pencil case A small bag, etc. for holding pencils and pens
Calculator A small electronic device or piece of software for calculating with numbers
Folder A cardboard or plastic cover for holding loose papers, etc.
Paintbrush A brush that is used for painting
Sharpener A tool or machine that makes things sharp
Scissors A tool for cutting paper or cloth, that has two sharp blades with handles, joined together in the middle
Blackboard A large board with a smooth black or dark green surface that teachers write on with a piece of chalk
Paper The thin material that you write and draw on and that is also used for wrapping and packing things
Pins A short thin piece of stiff wire with a sharp point at one end and a round head at the other, used especially for fastening together pieces of cloth when sewing
Flip chart Large sheets of paper fixed at the top to a stand so that they can be turned over, used for presenting information at a talk or meeting
Whiteboard A large board with a smooth white surface that teachers, etc. write on with special pens
Eraser A small piece of rubber or a similar substance, used for removing pencil marks from paper; a piece of soft material used for removing chalk marks from a blackboard
Envelope A flat paper container used for sending letters in
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