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Bedroom A room for sleeping
Park An area of public land in a town or a city where people go to walk, play and relax
Office A room, set of rooms or building where people work, usually sitting at desks
Pool A small area of still water, especially one that has formed naturally
Corridor A long narrow passage in a building, with doors that open into rooms on either side
Living room A room in a house where people sit together, watch television, etc.
Library A building in which collections of books, CDs, newspapers, etc. are kept for people to read, study or borrow
Classroom A room where a class of children or students is taught
Supermarket A large shop/store that sells food, drinks and goods used in the home. People choose what they want from the shelves and pay for it as they leave.
Playground An outdoor area where children can play, especially at a school or in a park
Bathroom A room in which there is a bath/ bathtub, a washbasin and often a toilet
Store A large shop that sells many different types of goods
Restaurant A place where you can buy and eat a meal
Shopping center A group of shops/stores built together, sometimes under one roof
Study The activity of learning or gaining knowledge, either from books or by examining things in the world
Kitchen A room in which meals are cooked or prepared
Cafe A place where you can buy drinks and simple meals. Alcohol is not usually served in British or American cafes.
Hair salon
Gym A room or hall with equipment for doing physical exercise, for example in a school
Stairs A set of steps built between two floors inside a building
Garden A piece of land next to or around your house where you can grow flowers, fruit, vegetables, etc
Beach An area of sand or small stones (called shingle), beside the sea or a lake
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