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MLT-Dx of virus


What is the storage condition for viral specimen? 4 degree celsius and moist
What is the transport medium for viral specimen? Virus transport medium
What are the 3 types of cell line to do the viral cell culture? 1.Primary 2.Semi-continuous 3.Continous
What are the example of primary cell lines? 1.RMK (Rhesus monkey kidney) 2.RK (rabbit kidney)
What is the advantage of primary cell line? many RNA viruses & enteroviruses are easily isolated
What are the main component of semi-continuous cell lines? 1.Human embryonic fibroblast (HEF) 2.human diploid fibroblast (HDF)
What the examples of semi-continuous cell lines? 1.MRC-5 2.WI-38
What virus can be cultured in semi-continuous cell line? 1.Rhinovirus 2.Cytomegalovirus
What is the main component of continuous cell line? malignant or mutated cells
What are the examples of continuous cell line? 1.HeLa (ca cervix), 2.HEp-2 (ca larynx) 3.Vero (African green monkey kidney)
What is the incubation temperature for rhinoviruses, Influenza virus or Coronavirus? 33 degree celsius
What are the cytopathic effect that occur in monolayer indicate presence of viruses? 1.Shrinking 2.Swelling 3.Syncytia (fused cells) 4.Inclusion bodies
What are the two ways to observe the cytopathic effects? 1.Microscope 2.Fix & Stain infected cell culture
What are the 3 stains used to stain the infected cell? 1.Giemsa 2.haematoxylin & eosin 3.fluorescent antibody
What are the 2 categories of non-culture methods for viral identification? 1.Viral antigen detection 2.Anti-virus antibody
What are the 4 examples of viral antigen detection? 1.Electron microscope 2.Enzyme Immuno Assay 3.ImmunoFluoresence 4.Complement fixation test
Viral antigen detection is useful for non-culturable viruses, like _______ and ________? 1.hepatitis B virus 2.rotavirus
What are the 2 culture cell examples for influenza virus? 1.LLC-MK 2.MDCK
With observed cytopathic effects, which test to confirm the viral infection? Immunofluorescence Test
What are the 3 useful markers for Hepatitis B virus during window period? 1.Anti-HBc IgG 2. IgM 3.Anti-HBe
What are the 3 pros and 3 cons of Viral culture? Pros: 1.Specific 2.Can tell viruses are active or not 3.can keep viral strain Cons: 1.Slow 2.some virus cannot be cultured 3. only viable virus
What are the 3 pros and 3 cons of nucleic acid based assays? Pros: 1.Specific 2.Sensitive 3.Rapid Cons: 1.risk of nucleic acid contamination 2.Cannot tell virus is active or not
For viral family specific detection, which parts of the viral genome will be considered, why and example? 5’ & 3’ untranslated regions, conserved within family, Flaviviridae
For viral species specific detection, which parts of the viral genome will be considered, why and example? 1. pol & gag genes, conserved within species, Dengue virus & Hepatitis C virus
Which cancer is associated with Human papillomavirus, HPV (type 16)? Cervical cancer
Which cell is for the culture of HPV? SiHa cells
When to use SYBR Green? 1.Screening of target DNA 2.When the PCR system is fully optimized
When not to use SYBR Green? 1.Multiplex reaction 2.Low conc of pathogens in the specimen 3.Amplification of rare transcript
What can be used to increase the hybridization specificity? Taqman probe
What are the 3 components of a taqman probe? 1.Reporter 2.Primer 3.Quencher
When to use fluorescent probes? 1.Low level pathogen detection, 2.Requires quantification
What is the automation machine for HIV 1 detection? NucliSens EasyQ system by bioMérieux
What is the target of NucliSens EasyQ system for the detection of HIV 1? gag sequence
What is the detection limit of NucliSens EasyQ system? as low as 25 copies/ml
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