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Cup A small container shaped like a bowl, usually with a handle, used for drinking tea, coffee, etc.
Spoon A tool that has a handle with a shallow bowl at the end, used for stirring, serving and eating food
Kettle A container with a lid, handle and a spout, used for boiling water
Coffee machine ‚ÄčA machine that you put coins in to get a cup of coffee
Corkscrew A tool for pulling corks from bottles. Most corkscrews have a handle and a long twisted piece of metal for pushing into the cork.
Bowl A deep round dish with a wide open top, used especially for holding food or liquid
Frying pan A large shallow pan with a long handle, used for frying food in
Toaster An electrical machine that you put slices of bread in to make toast
Wine glass A glass for drinking wine from
Mixer A machine or device used for mixing things
Glass A container made of glass, used for drinking out of
Jug A container with a handle and a lip, for holding and pouring liquids
Microwave A type of oven that cooks or heats food very quickly using electromagnetic waves rather than heat
Dishcloth A cloth for washing dishes
Grater A kitchen utensil (= a tool) with a rough surface, used for grating food into very small pieces
Knife A sharp blade with a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon
Saucepan A deep round metal pot with a lid and one long handle or two short handles, used for cooking things over heat
Teapot A container with a spout, a handle and a lid, used for making and serving tea
Paper towels
Cleaver A heavy knife with a broad blade, used for cutting large pieces of meat
Fork A tool with a handle and three or four sharp points (called prongs ), used for picking up and eating food
Tea towel A small towel used for drying cups, plates, knives, etc. after they have been washed
Bottle opener A small tool for opening bottles with metal tops, for example beer bottles
Chopping board A board made of wood or plastic used for cutting meat or vegetables on
Plate A flat, usually round, dish that you put food on
Bottle A glass or plastic container, usually round with straight sides and a narrow neck, used especially for storing liquids
Tray A flat piece of wood, metal or plastic with raised edges, used for carrying or holding things, especially food
Spatula A tool with a broad flat blade used for mixing and spreading things, especially in cooking and painting
Peeler A special type of knife for taking the skin off fruit and vegetables
Can opener A kitchen utensil (a tool) for opening cans of food
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