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MLT-RNA Viruses 2


What are the other two families of RNA viruses? 1.Flaviviridae 2.Retroviridae
What are the 4 genus of Flaviviridae? 1.Flavivirus 2.Pestivirus 3.Hepacivirus 4.Pegivirus
What are the 2 examples of Flavivirus? 1.Dengue virus 2.Zika virue
Flavivirus is positive-sense single strand RNA virus, what is the group under baltimore classification system? Group IV
What is the genomic structure of Flavivirus? Linear, 9.7-12 kb
How many ORF of the Flavivirus genome? 1
1 single polyprotein will be produced, then it will be ______ individual proteins? 10
What are the 10 individual proteins? 1. 3 structural proteins 2. 7 non structural proteins
What are the 3 structural proteins? C, prM and E protein
What are the 7 non structural proteins and the functions? 1.NS1 (Involved in RNA replication and particle assembly) 2.NS2A, NS4B (RNA replication and immune evasion) 3.NS2B, NS4A (cofactor of NS3) 4.NS3 (major viral protease) 5.NS5 (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; methyltransferase for 5’ methyl cap synthesis)
What is the Initial target for Dengue virus? immature dendritic cells (DCs) in skin
What is the primary target for Zika virus? Gas6-AXL tyrosine kinase receptor complex
What is the major vector for Zika virus? Aedes albopictus, a mosquito
How to detect Zika virus? RT-PCR targeting the NS2A gene
Can ELISA be used to detect Zika virus and target antigen is? Yes, Viral NS1 antigen
Which 3 cell lines can be used co culture Zika virus? 1.African green monkey (Vero) 2.Rhesus monkey kidney (LLC-MK2) 3.Aedesmosquito cell lines MOS61
What is the Baltimore group of Retroviridae? Baltimore Group VI (ssRNA-RT)
How many copies of ssRNA in Retroviridae genome and what is the size? 2, each 7-10kbp
What are the 3 types of enzymes can be found in the virion of retroviruses? 1.Reverse transcriptase 2.Integrase 3,Protease
Each copy of Retroviridae genome consists of 4 parts, what are they? 1.Long terminal repeat sequence 2.gag, group-specific protein gene 3.pol, polymerase gene 4.env, Envelop gene
What is the example genus of Retroviridae? Lentivirus
What are the example diseases caused by Lentivirus? AIDS( HIV I and HIV II)
HIV II is limited to ___________ only? Africa
What are the 4 subtype of HIV I? 1.Group M 2.Group N 3.Group O 4.Group P
Which is the major subtype of HIV I? Group M, causes 90% of the disease of around the world
For HIV I entry to cell, ______ with bind to CD4 receptors on human cells? gp120
After binding gp120 to CD4, chemokine co-receptor triggers conformational change in ______? gp41
What are the 2 results of the conformational change in gp41? 1.Leading to fusion of viral and cellular membrane 2.Release of nucleocapsid into cytoplasm
Each day, how many new viral particles are produced? ~10^10
What are the 2 consequences of massive infection of T cells? 1.T-helper cell depletion 2.Susceptible to opportunistic infections
In late clinical phase of HIV I infection, CD4 T cells fall below ________ cells/ul? 200
What is the screening test for HIV infection in adults? Enzyme-linked immunoassay (EIA) to detect antibodies against HIV in patient plasma
What is the confirmatory test for HIV infection in adults? Western Blot
What are the target proteins for the western blot? gp120, gp160, gp41, p31, p24
What is the minimum band number required in western blot to confirm the HIV infection? 3
Created by: kencho