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Webpage Chapter 3

What is a hyperlink? Text, image, or other webpage content that visitors tap or click to instruct the browser to go to a location in a file or to request a file from a server
What is an anchor element? It is a tag used to create a hyperlink on a webpage. <a></a>
What is a href attribute? Used in the starting anchor tag to identify the webpage, email address, file, phone number, or other content to access.
What is a sample of an anchor element with a href attribute used to access a home page? <a href="index. html">Home</a>
What are relative links? Hyperlinks that link to other webpages within the same website.If the file is located in a folder you must use that folder name in the reference.
What is a sample of a relative link to a webpage within the same website but located in a folder? <a href="template/fitness.html">Fitness Template</a>
What are absolute hyperlinks? Hyperlinks that link to other webpages outside your website.
What is a sample of an absolute hyperlink? <a href="
What is the common color of a hyperlink? Blue
What is the common color of a hyperlink once it has been accessed? Purple
What is a sample tag for an image with a relative link to the websites home page? <a href="index.html"><img src="image.png"></a>
What tag is used to create a link for an email address? <a href="></a>
What tag is used to create a link for a phone number? <a href="tel:+18005552356">Call us today at 800-555-2356</a>
What does GIF stand for? Graphics Interchange Format
What does PNG stand for? Portable Network Graphics
What does JPG or JPEG stand for? Joint Photographic Experts Group
What does SVG stand for? Scalable Vector Graphics
What is a pixel? The smallest element of light or color on a device displaying images. Pixels are arranged in rows and columns to compose an image.
What is an image tag? It is an empty tag used to add an image to a webpage. <img>
What does "src" stand for in the image tag? source
What is a sample image tag? <img src="logo.png"> alt="Company logo" height="125" width="200" (alt stands for the alternate text to show if image does not display)
What do you have to do before you can add an image to a website? You have to acquire the image and place it in the images folder in the root folder of your website.
What is the div element used for? It is used to define an area or a division in a webpage. <div></div>
What is an attribute used with the div tag? id Sample: <div id="main">
What is a "class" attribute? A class attribute assigns another level of control over the styling or formatting of a specific element on a webpage.
What is a sample tag using the class attribute? <img class="equip">
What is the difference between a head element, a header element, and a heading element? The <head></head> element is a required element for an HTML webpage. A <header></header> element defines the header area of the webpage. A heading element is an h1-h6.
What is an unordered list and how is it defined? An unordered list is a bulleted list. It is defined by using the <ul></ul> tag. Each item has to be listed with a <li></li> tag.
What is an ordered list? It is a numbered list. Use the tag <ol></ol> to number list items. Still need to use <li></li> for each item listed.
What is a description list? A list containing terms and definitions. <dl></dl> <dt>First Term</dt> <dd>First definition</dd>
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