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Desk A piece of furniture like a table, usually with drawers in it, that you sit at to read, write, work, etc.
Fan A machine with blades that go round to create a current of air
Heater A machine used for making air or water warmer
Doormat A small piece of strong material near a door that people can clean their shoes on
Lockers A small cupboard that can be locked, where you can leave your clothes, bags, etc. while you play a sport or go somewhere
Drawers Knickers or underpants, especially ones that cover the upper parts of the legs
Lamp A device that uses electricity, oil or gas to produce light
Fridge A piece of electrical equipment in which food is kept cold so that it stays fresh
Coat rack
Fire extinguisher A metal container with water or chemicals inside for putting out small fires
Tv television
Stool A seat with legs but with nothing to support your back or arms
Vase A container made of glass, etc., used for holding cut flowers or as a decorative object
Deckchair A folding chair with a seat made from a long strip of material on a wooden or metal frame, used for example on a beach
Bookcase A piece of furniture with shelves for keeping books on
Curtains A piece of cloth that is hung to cover a window
Vacuum cleaner An electrical machine that cleans floors, carpets, etc. by sucking up dirt and dust
Handrail A long narrow bar that you can hold onto for support, for example when you are going up or down stairs
Trash can A container for people to put rubbish/garbage in, in the street or in a public building
Armchair A comfortable chair with sides on which you can rest your arms
Closet A small room or a space in a wall with a door that reaches the floor, used for storing things
Washing machine An electric machine for washing clothes
Alarm clock A clock that you can set to ring a bell, etc. at a particular time and wake you up
Recliner A soft comfortable chair with a back that can be pushed back at an angle so that you can lean back in it
Pillow A square or rectangular piece of cloth filled with soft material, used to rest your head on in bed
Swivel chair
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