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FOOD lll


Carrots A long pointed orange root vegetable
Rice Short, narrow white or brown grain grown on wet land in hot countries as food; the plant that produces this grain
Boiled eggs
Cabbage A round vegetable with large green, purplish-red or white leaves that can be eaten raw
Garlic A vegetable of the onion family with a very strong taste and smell, used in cooking to give flavour to food
Mushrooms A fungus with a round flat head and short stem. Many mushrooms can be eaten.
Pasta An Italian food made from flour, water and sometimes eggs, formed into different shapes and usually served with a sauce. It is hard when dry and soft when cooked.
Chilies The small green or red fruit of a type of pepper plant that is used in cooking to give a hot taste to food, often dried or made into powder, also called chilli or chilli powder
Hot chocolate A drink made by mixing chocolate powder with hot water or milk; a cup of this drink
Instant noodles A drink made by mixing chocolate powder with hot water or milk; a cup of this drink
Strawberries A soft red fruit with very small yellow seeds on the surface, that grows on a low plant
Cucumber A long vegetable with dark green skin and light green flesh, that is usually eaten raw
Potatoes A round white vegetable with a brown or red skin that grows underground as the root of a plant also called a potato
Pineapple A large tropical fruit with thick rough skin, sweet yellow flesh with a lot of juice and stiff leaves on top
Bread A type of food made from flour, water and usually yeast mixed together and baked
Chips A long thin piece of potato fried in oil or fat
Apple juice
Cereal One of various types of grass that produce grains that can be eaten or are used to make flour or bread
Milkshake A drink made of milk, and sometimes ice cream, with an added flavour of fruit or chocolate, which is mixed or shaken until it is full of bubbles
Sausages A mixture of finely chopped meat, fat, bread, etc. in a long tube of skin, cooked and eaten whole or served cold in thin slices
Ice Water that has frozen and become solid
Popcorn A type of food made from grains of maize that are heated until they burst, forming light whitish balls that are then covered with salt or sugar
Tangerine A type of small sweet orange with loose skin that comes off easily
Hot dog A hot sausage served in a long bread roll
Grapes A small green or purple fruit that grows in bunches on a climbing plant (called a vine). Wine is made from grapes.
Butter A soft yellow food made from cream, used in cooking and for spreading on bread
Plums A soft round fruit with smooth red or purple skin, sweet flesh and a large flat seed inside
Spaghetti bolognese A dish of spaghetti with a sauce of meat, tomatoes
Bacon Meat from the back or sides of a pig that has been cured (= preserved using salt or smoke), usually served in thin slices
Cola A sweet brown, fizzy drink (= with bubbles) that does not contain alcohol. Its flavour comes from the seeds of a W African tree (the cola tree) and other substance
Peaches A round fruit with soft red and yellow skin, yellow flesh and a large rough seed inside
Taco A type of Mexican food consisting of a crisp fried pancake that is folded over and filled with meat, beans
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