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ACU F 19

Intro to HERBS Lect 4

Mutual Accentuation 2 herbs with similar functions and their action is amplified
Mutual Counteraction 1 herbs toxicity is reduced by the other herb
Mutual Enhancement 2 herbs with different functions treat the same condition
Mutual Suppression 1 herbs side effect is reduced by another
Mutual Antagonism 2 herbs together cancel each other out
Mutual Incompatibility 2 herbs alone are not toxic, but together are Toxic
Single effect 1 herb and 1 purpose
Herbal hierarchy Chief, Deputy, Assistant, Envoy
Chief King, principal ingredient with main therapeutic force
Deputy Minister, enhances or assists the therapeutic action of the chief
Assitant Adjutant, treats the side effects of the chief/deputy-opposing assistant, assist the chief/deputy in therapeutic function, provides another therapeutic direction
Envoy Messenger, guides to specific channel or harmonizes the formula
harmonizes 3 sweets=licorice-gan cao, ginger-sheng, date-da zao
what herbs can interfere with drugs to decrease blood pressure or subdue seizures herbs that stimulate (dispersing)
what herbs can interfere with blood thinners herbs that invigorate blood
what herbs can interfere with metformin (diabetes) herbs that lower AC1
what herbs can cause yin dificiency herb that drain damp, diuretics
Combination that 2 similar herbs together amplify function accentuation
combination 1 herbs toxicity reduced by another herb counteraction
example of counteraction spleen doesn't like cold therefore mix warm herb to make less cool
Combination of herb side effect reduces by another herb supression
what is a side effect of cold diarrhea
what is a side effect of warm constipation
combination of 2 herbs with different function treating same condition enhancement
example of enhancement 1 herb tonify, 1 herb clear heat, both treat yin deficiency
which combination is not used antagonist herbs cancel each other out
combination of 2 herbs along not toxic but together toxic incompatibility
1 herb for 1 purpose single effect
how many antagonist undesirable and how many incompatibilities 19 each
Pin yin Combination Dui Yao
How many in heirarchy 4-chief, assistant, deputy, envoy
chief king, strongest effect
what is the chief herb in tonifying formula tonifier
who is the minister deputy, assistant chief
what does the deputy herb do mutual accentuates, enhances chief
3 things the assistant does opposing chief/assistant, if they are cold then does warm, assist chief/deputy-all warming, provides another therapeutic direction-guides it to certain channels
what does envoy do harmonizes, makes all herbs work together
what are the 3 sweet harmonizers and tonifiers licorice, ginger, date
which herb interferes with HTN drugs ephedra
which herb interferes with beta blockers like and blood thinners herbs that invigorate blood
which herb category interferes with diuretic drugs herbs that increase urination, prolonged use cause yin deficiency
which herbs interfere with diabetes medication herbs that lower AC1
why do we pulverize herbs to be able to ingest them
4 ways to process herbs Water, Mechanical, heat, Heat and water
Dry fry organ SP harmonize digestion
Dry fry with Salt organ KD
3 water techniques refining, washing, moisturizing
which method increases therapeutic component of herb liquid frying enhances
3 thing frying with vinegar does invigorates blood, decrease toxicity, estranges
4 things wine does ascends, decreases pain, expels wind, clears channel
2 things honey does moisturizes, tonifies
4 things ginger does reduce bitter, dec vomit, increase warmth, disperse Qi
2 ways to dry fry with or without salt
Which method stops bleeding charred
which modifies harshness quick fry
which decreases toxicity baking
which reduces to gel simmering
which water and heat method uses vinegar quenching
SummerHeat/toxins one of 6 Evils
where do six evils sit on body wei Qi
Created by: mloft