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Mandatory TCM

Mandatory TCM Knowledge

What are the four vital substances in Chinese Medicine? Qi, essence, body fluids, blood
What are the yin (Zang) organs? Liver, Heart, Lung, Spleen, Kidneys
What organ controls blood circulation? Heart
What organ opens into the tongue and affects speech? Heart
What organi manifests on the face? Heart
What organ controls blood vessels and pulse strength? Heart
What organ is in charge of happiness and joy? Heart
What organ controls sweat? Heart
What organ houses the mind, mental activity, memory, and sleep? Heart
What organ produces blood? Spleen
What organ prevents water retention? Spleen
What organ controls saliva? Spleen
What organ governs digestion of nutrients into energy? Spleen
What organ keeps organs from prolapsing? Spleen
What organ houses clear thinking? Spleen
What organ controls muscles? Spleen
What organ opens into the mouth and manifests on the lips? Spleen
What organ stores blood menstruation? Liver
What organ opens into the eyes and controls tears? Liver
What organ controls sinews for better movement? Liver
What organ ensures smooth qi flow? Liver
What organ manifests in the nails? Liver
What organ houses the ethereal soul for planning and envisioning? Liver
What organ controls the defense/immune system? Lung
What organ regulates water metabolism? Lung
What organ opens into the nose? Lung
What organ controls skin and body hair? Lung
What organ governs Qi and respiration? Lung
What organ controls Qi in all meridians? Lung
What organ houses mind and body connection? Lung
What organ governs birth, growth, reproduction, and development? Kidney
What organ controls the lower orifices? Kidney
What organ opens into the ear? Kidney
What organ manifests on the hair? Kidney
What organ receives Qi from lung? Kidney
What organ governs water? Kidney
What organ stores essence? Kidney
What organ is the ming men fire, gate of vitality? Kidney
What organ houses willpower? Kidney
What organ produces marrow, fill up the brain, and controls bones? Kidney
What are the Fu (Yang) organs? Stomach, Small intestine, large intestine, bladder, gallbladder, San Jiao
What are the extraordinary organs in TCM Uterus (Dan Tian), bones, brain, blood vessels, bone marrow, gallbladder
What are the 6 pathogens? Wind, dampness, fire, cold, dryness, summer heat
What pathogen is responsible for the following symptoms: perspiration, acute onset, joint pain, common cold, measles, urticaria? Wind
What does the wind invade? Yang portion of body, yang channels, skin and superficial areas
What are the properties of the wind pathogen? Yang pathogen, constant movement, rapid change, up and out direction, induces invasion of other pathogens
What season does wind correspond with? Spring
What are the yang pathogens? Wind, fire, summer-heat
What are the yin pathogens? Cold, dampness, dryness
What pathogen is responsible for the following symptoms: pain (joint, abdominal), diarrhea, arthritis, shivers, muscle pain, and spasms, no sweating? Cold
What does the cold invade? Through skin, SP, LI, uterus, channels and impairs yang
What are the properties of cold pathogen? Yin pathogen - congeal and stagnate, contract muscles, and closes pores
What season does the cold pathogen correspond with? Winter
What pathogen is responsible for the following symptoms? High fever, red face, profuse sweating, fatigue, short of breath, nausea, vomiting
What does summer-heat invade? Invades the body with dampness
What are the properties of summer-heat? Yang pathogen- results from fire, consumes Qi, and body fluids
What pathogen is responsible for the following symptoms: bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, edema, heavy headache or limbs, swollen joints, arthritis, cloudy thick urine, eczema, sticky tongue coating Dampness
What does dampness invade? Damage yang and obstruct SP
What are the properties of dampness? Yin pathogen- disturbs and blocks Qi movement, sticky and stagnate, lingering, heavy and turbid
What pathogen is responsible for the following symptoms: dry skin, dry cough, dry nose/throat, dry stools (constipation), dry nose bleeds? Dryness
What does dryness invade? Enters through mouth, nose, impairs lung
What are the properties of dryness? Yin pathogen- impaires body fluids and blood
What pathogen is responsible for the following symptoms: profuse sweating, high fever, thirst, mouth ulcers, red bloody eyes, coma, delirium, convulsion, bleeding? Fire
What does fire invade? Burns LV channel, damages Yin, speeds up blood flow
What are the properties of fire? Yang pathogen- may be seen in all season, consume Q and fluids, upwards, stirs up wind
What are the 7 emotions that effects the physical body? Anger, fear, shock, sadness, over excitement, worry, and overthinking
What is the effect of anger on the physical body? Headache, high blood pressure
What is the effect of fear and shock on the physical body? Fainting
What is the effect of sadness on the physical body? Fatigue
What is the effect of over excitement on the physical body? Insomnia, restless
What is the effect of worry and overthinking on the physical body? digestive issues
Created by: nnguyen44