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MLT-RNA Viruses I


In Baltimore Classification system, there are how many groups of vuruses? 7
What is the characteristic of group I viruses, and example? dsDNA viruses, Herpesvirus
What is the characteristic of group II viruses, and example? ssDNA(+) viruses, Parvovirus
What is the characteristic of group III viruses, and example? dsRNA viruses, Rotavirus
What is the characteristic of group IV viruses, example? ssRNA(+) viruses, Coronavirus
What is the characteristic of group V viruses, example? ssRNA(-) viruses, Orthomyxoviruses
What is the characteristic of group VI viruses, example? ssRNA(+)-RT with DNA intermediate in life-cycle, Retroviruses
What is the characteristic of group VII viruses, example? dsDNA-RT viruses DNA with RNA intermediate in life-cycle, Hepadnaviruses(HBV)
What are the example spp of Orthomyxoviruses? Influenza A, Influenza B, Influenza C
What are the examples of surface proteinthat could be found on Influenza viruses? 1.Haemagglutinin 2.Neuraminidase 3.Haemagglutinin esterase 4. M1 protein 5.M2 Ion channel
Influenza viral transcription involves cap snatching, what it is? Viral PB2 cleaves 5’ methylguanosine cap & 10-13 nucleotides from the host mRNA
What is the function of the 10-13 nucleotides host mRNA from cap snatching? Act as primer for transcription by viral transcriptase, PB1.
How many segments of Influenza virus? 8
Which segment is responsible for making Haemagglutinin? 4
Which segment is responsible for making Neuraminidase? 6
What are the proteins will be produced by mRNA segment 7? M1 and M2
What are the proteins will be produced by mRNA segment 8? NS1 and NS2
What is antigenic shift? 1. two or more different strains of a virus 2. combine to form a new subtype 3. a mixture of the surface antigens
No animal hosts have been identified for __________? Influenza B
As there is no host for Influenza B, there is no ___________ and ___________? 1.genome reassortment 2.antigenic shift
virus remains infectious on non-porous surfaces for up to ________? 48 hours
What is the preferred specimen for Influenza detection? Nasopharyngeal aspirates or nasopharyngeal swab
To do a viral culture, tissue culture on _________, __________ or _________? MDCK (Mardin-Darby canine kidney), Vero or MRC-5 cells
What is cytopathic effect? 1.Structural change of the host cell, due to the viral infection 2.The infecting virus causes lysis of the host cell 3. when the cell dies without lysis due to an inability to reproduce
If the cytopathic effect is no obvious, how to confirm viral growth? direct immunofluorescent (IF) antibody for antigen detection
What is the TAT for viral culture? 3-10 days
What is the sensitivity and TAT for direct immunofluorescent (IF) ? 1.70-90% 2.1-4hr
What is the sensitivity and TAT for Rapid Antigen test (Immunochromatogenic assay)? 1.59-93% 2.<30mins
For the real-time PCR detection of Influenza A, what are the two rounds of PCR? 1.Type specific PCR to confirm Influenza A infection 2.Sub-type specific PCR
What is the target gene for Type specific PCR? MP (Matrix protein) gene
What are the targets for Sub-type PCR? 1.Only done when MP gene is positive 2. primer pairs for H1, H3, H5 and H7
What is the host receptors that Human Influenza viruses will bind to ? α2,6-linked sialic acid
What are the 4 classes of antiviral drugs have been developed? 1.Adamantanes 2.Neuraminidase inhibitors 3.Membrane fusion inhibitors 4.RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inhibitors
What are the two oral antiviral drug? 1.Amantadine 2.Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)
What is the most effective way to prevent and control influenza infection? Vaccination
What is the group no. of Coronavirus under Baltimore classification system? Group 4, ssRNA(+)
What is the genome size of Coronavirus? 26-32kbp
What are the example of Coronavirus? SARS, MERS
CoVs are separated into 4 genera based on phylogeny, what are they? 1.Apha-CoV 2.Beta-Cov 3.Gamma-Cov 4.Delta-CoV
What are the 2 genera Coronavirus that are human pathogens? Alpha-CoV and Beta-CoV
What will be used for RNA virus culture? Vero E6 cells
What is the target region for the detection of SARS-CoV using RT-PCR? N (nucleocapsidprotein) gene region at the 3′ end of the SARS-CoV genome
What is the drug used to treat RNA viral infection? Ribavirin
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