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Cheeseburger A hamburger with a slice of cheese on top of the meat
Bread rolls
Fried egg
Spaghetti Pasta in the shape of long thin pieces that look like string when they are cooked
Celery A vegetable with long crisp light green stems that are often eaten raw
Watermelon A type of large melon with hard, dark green skin, red flesh and black seeds
Burrito A Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla filled with meat or beans
Cauliflower A vegetable with green leaves around a large hard white head of flowers
Lemon A yellow citrus fruit with a lot of sour juice. Slices of lemon and lemon juice are used in cooking and drinks.
Corn Any plant that is grown for its grain, such as wheat; the grain of these plants
Lollipop A hard round or flat sweet/candy made of boiled sugar on a small stick
Croissant A small sweet roll with a curved shape, eaten especially at breakfast
Eggplant A vegetable with shiny dark purple skin and soft white flesh
Cake A sweet food made from a mixture of flour, eggs, butter, suga
Steak A thick slice of good quality beef
Water A liquid without colour, smell or taste that falls as rain, is in lakes, rivers and seas, and is used for drinking, washing
Cherries A small soft round fruit with shiny red or black skin and a large seed inside
Olives A small green or black fruit with a strong taste, used in cooking and for its oil
Pizza An Italian dish consisting of a flat round bread base with cheese, tomatoes, vegetables, meat
Cheese A type of food made from milk that can be either soft or hard and is usually white or yellow in colour
Soup A liquid food made by boiling meat, vegetables, etc. in water, often eaten as the first course of a meal
Waffles A crisp flat cake with a pattern of squares on both sides, often eaten with sweet sauce, cream
Grapefruit A large round yellow citrus fruit with a lot of slightly sour juice
Pears A yellow or green fruit that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom
Salad A mixture of raw vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and cucumber, usually served with other food as part of a meal
Onions A round vegetable with many layers inside each other and a brown, red or white skin
Kebabs Small pieces of meat and vegetables cooked on a wooden or metal stick
Pumpkin A large round vegetable with thick orange skin
Ice cream A type of sweet frozen food made from milk fat, flavoured with fruit, chocolate
Fries Fry (something) to cook something in hot fat or oil; to be cooked in hot fat or oil
Tea The dried leaves (called tea leaves ) of the tea bush
Orange juice
Ginger The root of the ginger plant used in cooking as a spice
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