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What are the 3 sub families of Human Herpesviridae? 1.Alphaherpesvirinae 2.Betaherpesvirinae 3.Gammaherpesvirinae
What are the examples of Alphaherpesvirinae and and growth rate? Herpes simplex virus 1 and Varicella zoster virus, fast-growing
What is the example of Betaherpesvirinae? Cytomegalovirus, grow slowly
What is the example of Gammaherpesvirinae? Epstein Barr virus, poor replicating
What is the structure of Herpesviridae? (ppt p.8) 1.dsDNA 2.Icosahedral capsid 3.Amorphous tegument protein 4.Pleomorphic envelope
DNA replication & encapsidation of Herpesviridae occur in host ________? Nucleus
dsDNA genome replicates by viral ______ polymerase? DNA
Gene expression by host RNA pol but regulated by _________? viral factor
What are the three proteins involved in immediate early, early and late transcription and translation stages of Herpesviridae? 1.Immediate early: Alpha proteins 2.Early: Beta protein 3.Late: Gamma protein
What are the function of alpha proteins? As transcription factors
What are the 2 function of beta proteins? 1.enzymes for synthesis of nucleotides 2.enzymes for viral DNA replication
What is the function of gamma proteins? structural proteins for virus assembly
What are the two kinds of viral infection? 1.Productive infection 2.Latent infection
What are the 3 examples of production infection? 1.Cytocidal 2.Intranuclear inclusion 3.Syncytia
In latent infection, Herpesviridae will be presist in the nuclei of _______ or ________ in the form of _______? 1. neurons or lymphocytes 2. episome
At the site of epidermal infection, virus is phagocytosed by ___A_____ & ______B_____; the viral antigen is then presented on dendritic cells & macrophages to ____C_____ T cells? A.dendritic cells B.macrophages C.CD4
Epithelial infection is cleared but some viruses escapes & invade the local sensory neurones, how HSV escape antibody surveillance? 1.binding of viral gE & gI to Fc receptor of IgG 2.protect HSV against immunological attack
Viruses are transported to & establish latency in the _______ or _______? spinal or cerebral ganglion
What could reactivate Viruses? 1.Immunosuppression 2.UV 3.Stress 4.Age
What would be caused by HSV-1and example? Oropharyngeal Herpes, herpes labialis (cold sore)
What would be caused by HSV-2 and example? Genital herpes
What can be used to treat HSV? Acycloguanosine (Acyclovir)
How does Acyclovir work? 1.Act ac analogue of GTP 2.Inhibit viral DNA polymerase
What are the 2 most universal diseases caused by Varicella zoster virus? 1.varicella (chicken pox) in child 2.zoster (shingles) in elderly
What is life threatening Varicella zoster virus spp in adults? Varicella pneumonia
What would be given to pregnant women who has contacted a varicella case a few days before/ after delivery and to the baby as well? ZIG (zoster immune globulin)
Where would the Epstein Barr virus do replication? Inside epithelial cells of nasopharynx & salivary glands
What is the gene of EBV would be activated to immortalize the infected B cell? EBNA-2
What would be caused by EBV infection in Cantonese and Eskimos? Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
What would be caused by EBV infection in African children? Burkitt’s lymphoma
What is the mechanism of Burkitt’s lymphoma? 1.Translocation of c-myc(chr8) to Ig gene(chr14) 2.uncontrolled B cell proliferation & arrest differentiation
EBV is spread through _______, ________, ________ and ________? saliva, respiratory aerosol and utensils
Cytomegalovirus is a __________ pathogen? opportunistic
Human Herpesvirus 8 is associated with the development of _________ in AIDS patients? Kaposi’s Sarcoma
What is the transmission route of Kaposi’s Sarcoma in AIDS patients Sexually transmitted
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