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ACU F 19


Spleen Channel Name The SP Channel of Foot Taiyin
How points on the SP channel 21
What is the Arm/Leg pair of Taiyin LU & SP
Which Zang Fu does SP primary channel connect with SP, ST & HT
If SP primary connects with HT what does it treat Shen disturbances, insomnia, issues of the chest
Functions of the SP Transportation and transformation of liquid and solid products of digestion/controlling the blood, dominating the muscles and four limbs, provide vigor and bulk/dominating the sense of taste/controlling and raising of Qi
What does SP transport and transform the liquid and solid products of rotting and ripening by the ST
In What major roles does the SP play digestion, forming blood and qi, function of intestines and discharge of fluid
How does SP control blood dominate first stage of its transformation and holds it in place and prevents hemorrhage
Where does SP open into the mouth
What does controlling the raising of Qi help counteracts sinking and prolapse
What keeps organs in place ascending SP Qi
Entry pt SP1
Exit Pt SP 21
Yuan pt SP 3
Luo pt SP 4
Xi pt SP 8
Mu pt LV 13
Shu pt UB 20
Mother pt SP 2
Horary pt SP 3
Son pt SP 5
Greater Luo pt SP21
Confluent Point of Chong SP4
Three Leg Yin SP6
Where does SP primary channel begin medial side of the tip of the big toe
Where does it terminate 7th intercostal space on the mid axillary line at SP21
Why does SP control the sense of taste because the primary channel branches through the diaphragm, runs alongside the esophagus and spreads over the lower surface of the tongue/ divergent channel branches from primary channel to through and penetrated the tongue
Why does the SP help disturbances of the HT because another branch ascends from the stomach passes through the diaphragm and flow to link with the HT
Where does the SP Luo Connecting channel originate SP 4
What does the SP luo connecting channel connect with ST channel
What organs does the luo connecting channel connect with intestines and stomach
Great Luo Connecting Channel separates from SP 21 and spreads through the chest and lateral costal region gathering blood of luo connecting channels of the whole body
SP1 py category Entry, Jing Well
SP 2 pt category Ying Spring, Mother
SP 3 pt category Shu Stream, Yuan Source, Horary
SP 4 pt category Luo Connecting, Confluent point of the Penetrating Vessel
SP 5 pt category Jing River, Son
SP 6 pt category Three Leg Yin- Meeting point of SP LV KD channels
SP 8 pt category Xi cleft
SP 9 pt category He Sea,
SP 10 Name Sea of Blood
SP 15 Location abdomen, in the depression at the lateral border of the rectus abdominus muscle 4 fun level with the umbilicus
SP 15 Actions Moves Qi and regulates the intestines, distention, constipation, diarrhea
Which SP points treat constipation SP 15
Which SP points treat diarrhea SP 15
Which SP point is 4 cun lateral to the level of the umbilicus SP 15
SP 10 location 2 cun procimal to the sup border of the patella, in tender depression of VMO, directly above SP 9
Action of SP 10 invigorates blood and dispels stasis, cools blood, harmonized menstruation, benefits skin
Which SP pt is used for Blood stagnation SP 10
Which SP pt harmonizes menstruation SP 10
Which SP pt treats heat in the blood and how SP 10 cools the blood
Why does SP 10 benefit the skin Cools the heat in blood that affects skin
SP20 location lateral side of the chest, in the 2nd intercostal space, 6 fun lateral to the midline
SP 20 actions regulates and descends Qi and unbinds the Chest
What treats SOB, Chest tightness and compression SP 20
SP 21 pt category Great Luo Connecting, Exit
SP 21 location on the mid axillary line in the 7th intercostal space
SP 21 actions regulates Qi and Blood and firms the sinews and joints, unbinds the chest and benefits the lateral costal region
which SP point descends Qi SP 20
Which SP point regulates Qi and Blood SP 21
Which SP point moves Qi SP 15
Which SP points unbind the chest SP 20 and 21
SP 9 location on the medial side of lower leg in a depression in the angle formed by the medial condyle of the tibia and the posterior border of the tibia
SP actions regulates the SP and resolves dampness, opens and moves the water passages, benefits the lower jiao
Which are best 3 pts treat dampness SP 9, CV 9, ST 40
What point category treats Acute problems Xi Cleft points
SP 8 location on medial side of lower leg, 3 fun inferior to SP 9 in the depression just posterior to the medial crest of the tibia
SP 8 actions regulates menstruation and invigorates blood( blood on yin channels),harmonizes the SP and resolves dampness, moderates acute conditions
Which SP points can be used to regulate and harmonize menstruation SP 8 and SP 10
Which SP channels resolve dampness SP 8 and SP 9
Which SP point can be used to treat Sinews and Joints SP21
Which SP point harmonizes the SP SP 8
which SP point regulates the SP SP 9
How many Cun is SP 6 from the prominence of the medial malleolus 3 cun
How many Cun in SP 7 from the prominence of the medial malleolus 6 cun
How many cun is SP 8 from SP 9 3 cun
Which SP point does almost everything SP 6
Which ST point does everything ST 36
Which is best point to use to treat Any Yin dificency SP 6
Which SP point is contraindicated in pregnancy SP 6
Best 3 points to use for Yin dificiency SP 6 , KD 6, KD 3
Created by: mloft