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ACU F 19


Ying-Yang Identity of LI Yangming
Yangming translation yang brightness
Yangming pairing LI & ST
Parts to naming channel Zang or Fu, the limb, yin or yang
Name of LI Channel They LI channel of Hand Yangming
How many points of LI channel 20
What Zang Fu does LI primary channel connect with LU
Yin-Yang pair LU & LI
LI functions receives waste from SI, absorbs fluid content and remainder forms feces to excrete
What is Yangming channel abundant in QI and Blood
Why do the arm and leg points of Yangming channels regulate Qi and Blood because Yangming is abundant in Qi and Blood
What does Yangming channels regulate Qi and Blood
What are primary actions and indications of Yangming Channel Treating all disorders of the Yangming channel in the head/ disorders of the ear,/Expel wind, cold, heat from exterior/ clear wind, cold, heat and fire poison/clearing yangming fire, assist LU opening water passages.
What is included in treating all disorders of the Yangming channel in the head face and cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, gums, and teeth.
LI channel can treat disorders of the ear via which channel LI Luo-connecting channel.
LI can expel what wind, cold and hear from the exterior portion of the body
What can LI channel clear wind-heat, interior heat and fire poison from the area traversed by the channel, esp in the head/Yangming fire
What does yangming fire disturb the Heart and Spirit(Shen)
Which channel does the LI assist the LU channel in its function of opening the water passages
Entry pt LI4
Exit pt LI20
Yuan pt LI4
Luo pt LI6
Xi pt LI7
Mu pt ST 25`
Shu pt UB 25
Mother pt LI11
Horary pt LI1
Son pt LI2
Jing Well pt LI1
Ying Spring pt LI2
Shu Stream pt LI3
Jing River pt LI5
He Sea pt LI11
Lower He Sea pt ST37
LI4 Command pt of Face and Mouth
What is the LI command point LI4
Function of ST37 Lowe He sea point of LI channel, assist LI channel
What is most important LI pt LI4
What are Five Shu Pts of LI Channel LI1, LI2, LI3, LI5, LI11
The pt on the LI channel at which Qi rises LI 1 Jing Well
The pt on the LI channel at which Qi Glides LI2 Ying Spring
The pt on the LI Channel at which Qi pours LI3 Shu Stream
The pt on the LI channel at which Qi flows LI5 Jing River
The pt on the LI channel at which the Qi enters inward LI11 He Sea
According to the Five Shu Points the flow of Qi is from the extremities proximal to the elbows
The Yin Channel begins with which element wood
The Yang channel begins with which element metal
Definition of Horary Point the element point of the same element channel
Why is LI 1 the Horary point of the LI Channel LI is the Metal Jing Well pt on the LU/LI Metal Channel
Why is LI11 the Mother of LI1 Earth is the mother of metal
Why is LI2 the Son of LI1 Water is the son of metal
Where does the LI Primary Channel begin radial side of the tip of the index finer LI1
Where does the LI primary channel end the opposite side of the nose LI20
Where does Luo Connecting channel start LI6
Where does Luo Connecting channel end ascends to Jaw and cheek and branches to ear and teeth
What is the distal pt to treat ear or jaw LI6 Luo Connecting pt
Which LI pt revives consciousness LI1 Jing well
LI 1 pt category Jing well, Horary
which LI pts reduces swelling LI, LI2
Which LI pt is the best for clearing heat LI2 Ying Spring
point category LI2 Yin Spring, Son
LI pt that expels wind L2, LI3
Distal LI pt to relieve Shoulder pain L2
Which LI points clear heat LI, LI2, L3
Which points are distal and proximal to metacarpi-phalangeal jt on index finger LI 2 distal and LI 3 is proximal
point category for LI3 Shu Stream
LI pt that expels wind and heat LI3
LI pt that benefits throat and teeth LI3
dispels fullness and treats diarrhea LI3
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