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Aubri Brooke Ashley

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act—forbids discrimination on the basis of a physical or mental disability if the individual can perform “essential function” of the job.
ADEA Age Discrimination Employment Act—forbids discrimination against any person aged 40 or older in hiring, firing, promotion, or other aspect of employment.
Agent Represents another person in some sort of business transaction with another party.
Child Labor Laws Laws that control the work that children are permitted to do.
Collective Bargaining Agreement Contract negotiated by employer and representatives of the labor union.
Disclaimer A statement that regardless of provisions or policies in an employee handbook and regardless of any oral promises to the contrary, an employment-at-will situation still exists between the employer and its employee.
Disparate Impact Occurs when an employer has a policy which on the surface seems neutral, but which has an unequal and unfair impact on members of a protected group.
Disparate Treatment The employer intentionally discriminates against an individual or a group belonging to one of the categories protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
Employee The party who does the work.
Employer The party who pays another party for work.
Employment-at-will Either party may terminate employer-employee relationship at any time.
Express Authority Includes all the orders, commands, or directions a principal states to an agent when the agency relationship is first created.
Featherbedding A payment for services not performed.
Fiduciary Relationship that is based on trust that exists between the agent and principal.
Gratuitous Agent A person who represents a person without being paid for it.
Grievance procedure A series of steps employees must take to appeal an employer’s decision.
Implied Contract Usually involves an oral agreement that would ordinarily be covered by employment-at-will had the employer not said or done something that implies otherwise.
Implied Covenant A promise that the employer and the employee will be fair in their dealings with each other.
Indemnification repayment of the amount lost.
Independent Contractor A person who is hired to perform a task for another person, but is not under the other person’s control.
Loyalty Faithfulness or acting in a party’s best interest at all times.
Obedience Agent must comply with all reasonable orders and instructions within th scope of the agency agreement.
OSHA an agency of the federal government that sets health and safety standards for most U.S. companies.
Principal The person who is being represented by another person in some sort of business transaction.
Proprietor A person who chooses to have someone perform a task on his or her behalf, but who has no control over the way the task is carried out.
Ratification Occurs when benefits from an unauthorized act are accepted with full knowledge of the facts.
Right-to-work Laws prohibits union shops
Special Order Agent employed to accomplish a specific purpose.
Subagent lawfully appointed by another agent.
Title VII--Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, or religion.
Trade Secret Inside information on a firm’s processes, products, or inventions.
Unjust dismissal Provides employees with grounds for legal action against employers who have treated them unfairly
Worker's Compensation An insurance program that provides income for workers who are injured or who develop a disability or a disease as a result of their job.
Created by: mrthompson
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