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Shaw Mythology

Classical Allusions

Achilles his mother dipped him in the river Styx to give him immortality but neglected to include the heel she held him by
Adonis a mortal youth who was loved by Aphrodite for his great beauty and later killed by a wild boar
Aphrodite / Venus goddess of love and beauty
Apollo / Sol god of the sun; patron of healing
Arachne mortal who was a great weaver and very arrogant of her ability; Athena turned her into a spider
Ares / Mars god of warfare
Artemis / Diana sister of Apollo; drives a chariot that carries the moon; goddess of the hunt
Athena / Minerva goddess of wisdom and warfare; was “born” full-grown and wearing armor
Centaur race of being half man and half horse
Cerberus three-headed watchdog who guards the entrance to Hades
Chaos the void which came into being before anything else
Cronos he castrated his father and became ruler of the universe
Cyclops race of one-eyed giants
Daedalus and Icarus imprisoned in a labyrinth; built wings from wax and feathers; the son fell but the father escaped safely
Dionysus / Bacchus god of wine and revelry
Eros / Cupid god of love; pictured as a winged boy
Europa a princess whom Zeus raped and abducted
Hades / Pluto God of the Underworld; god of wealth
Haphaestus / Vulcan god of fire; a blacksmith; the only god who is deformed
Hercules son of Zeus and a mortal; famous for his great strength and endurance
Medusa young woman whose crowning glory was her hair; Athena turned her hair into snakes and gave her the power to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone
Mercury the messenger of the gods
Midas was given his wish that everything he touched would turn to gold
Minotaur half man half bull, wild and violent, demands sacrifices yearly of Greek youths and maidens; imprisoned in the labyrinth
Narcissus gorgeous man who admired himself; he got stuck peering into a pond, admiring his reflection, and became a flower that grows there
Echo cursed with not being table to speak her own thoughts but only repeating what others said
Nemesis goddess of retributive justice or vengeance
Odysseus / Ulysses name means “man of wrath"; hero of the Odyssey; masterminded the Trojan horse
Oedipus abandoned at birth by his parents who were trying to avoid a horrible prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother
Pan / Satyr half man and half goat, with a tail, pointy ears, and an immoral nature, usually plays pipes
Pandora first mortal woman; sent to Earth as punishment to Man; opens a box which releases all human ills into the world
Paris son of the last king of Troy; forced to award a golden apple to one of three women whom he considers the most beautiful; steals Helen and starts the Trojan war
Persephone daughter of Demeter whom Hades marries and takes to Hades; spends six months of the year below ground with Hades and six months above ground with her mother
Demeter / Ceres the goddess of agriculture and fruitfulness; guardian of marriage
Phoenix a bird that is immortal, but dies in self-guilt pyre every 500-600 years and then is reborn from the ashes; a symbol of rebirth and / or immortality
Poseidon / Neptune god of the sea
Prometheus a Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to Man
Psyche goddess of emotion; great mortal beauty whom Venus is very jealous of because of her beauty
Sisyphus sentenced by Zeus to forever push a boulder up a hill, only to fail before it reaches the top
Styx the river that divides the land of the living from Hades, the land of the dead
The Sirens a group of nymphs who lived on an island and lured men to their destruction
The Titans ruled the world after having dethroned their father Uranus, the first ruler of the universe
Zephyr the west wind
Zeus king of the gods
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