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Tshirt An informal shirt with short sleeves and no collar or buttons, or just a few buttons at the top
Suit A set of clothes made of the same cloth, including a jacket and trousers/pants or a skirt
Belt A long narrow piece of leather, cloth, etc. that you wear around the waist
Vest A piece of underwear worn under a shirt, etc. next to the skin
Gloves A covering for the hand, made of wool, leather, etc. with separate parts for each finger and the thumb
Dress A piece of women’s clothing that is made in one piece and covers the body down to the legs, sometimes reaching to below the knees, or to the ankles
Ring A piece of jewellery that you wear on your finger, consisting of a round band of gold, silver, etc., sometimes decorated
Skirt A piece of clothing for a woman or girl that hangs from the waist
Earring A piece of jewellery that you fasten in or on your ear
Shirt A piece of clothing (usually for men), worn on the upper part of the body, made of light cloth, with sleeves and usually with a collar and buttons down the front
Jacket A piece of clothing worn on the top half of the body over a shirt, etc. that has sleeves and fastens down the front; a short, light coat
Scarf A piece of cloth that is worn around the neck, for example for warmth or decoration
Shorts Short trousers/pants that end above or at the knee
Tie A long narrow piece of cloth worn around the neck, especially by men, with a knot in front
Coat A piece of outdoor clothing that is worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry. Coats have sleeves and may be long or short.
Socks A piece of clothing that is worn over the foot, ankle and lower part of the leg, especially inside a shoe
Earphones A piece of equipment worn in or over the ears that makes it possible to listen to music, the radio, etc. without other people hearing it
Sweater A knitted piece of clothing made of wool or cotton for the upper part of the body, with long sleeves
Umbrella An object with a round folding frame of long straight pieces of metal covered with material, that you use to protect yourself from the rain or from hot sun
Shoes One of a pair of outer coverings for your feet, usually made of leather or plastic
Swimsuit A piece of clothing worn for swimming, especially the type worn by women and girls
Glasses Two lenses in a frame that rests on the nose and ears.
Hat A covering made to fit the head, often with a brim (= a flat edge that sticks out), and worn out of doors
Bracelet A piece of jewellery worn around the wrist or arm
Watch A type of small clock that you wear on your wrist, or (in the past) carried in your pocket
Necklace A piece of jewellery consisting of a chain, string of beads, etc. worn around the neck
Bag A container made of paper or plastic, that opens at the top, used especially in shops/stores
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